Like clockwork

I’ve come to expect certain things after my year in the city.  People will push on the subways, step on your, or SIT ON YOUR LUNCH and not say sorry–simply smile at you like “hey, no biggie, right?”  Wrong Tubby.  How would you feel if I sat on YOUR lunch?

But I digress.

The other thing that I’ve come to expect is that New Yorkers freak out when it rains.  They really aren’t very good with any of the elements but rain seems to freak them out.  It’s like they’ve never seen it before.  This is especially true with the first rain of the fall.  It’s as though no water fell from the sky in the last 4 months.  Hell, it’s like no water has ever fallen from the sky.

The subway is just as fun.  The first big rain of the fall shuts down the 96th street station.  First of all, 96th street floods every. single. time. it. rains.  But the first big rain–forget it.  You’d better be wearing your rainboots b/c you’re walking from 86th.

The 6-line just can’t handle the weather.  It stalls between every single stop.  The intercoms crackle so you can’t even hear how long you’ll be stuck for.  And people are cranky.

They tip toe through the station, avoiding the puddles lakes at the bottom of each stairway, trying not to get their feet wet.  Their feet, which are inevitably clad in high heels, many pairs of them open toed.  It’s raining, you morons, did you not notice that?  Did you not look out of the window and see all of the umbrellas?  Did you not check the weather channel?  How did you not know?  I feel no pity for your wet feet.

And so we all sit, stuck between 96th and 86th, with our wet feet (well, not all of our feet are wet–some of us bought rain boots), getting dripped on by all of the umbrellas of the standing passengers.  And, as is always the case, the soaking wet woman with the rain slicker will sit next to you and then spend every delay saying things like “AH! Are you kidding me?!  This is ridiculous!” under her breath.

As though this hasn’t happened every year.


8 thoughts on “Like clockwork

  1. Alabama is no exception. Except no subway.

    Unfortunatley, all the idiots are in cars, and not one of them factors in the rain on the street.

    Hydroplaning?! What’s that?! Who’s he?!

    A very dangerous situation, I tell you. Very dangerous.

  2. Those girls with the high heels sound like me unfortunately. A couple years ago I went to Boston on vacation and flew in in the middle of a snow storm and all I had packed were open toed high heels. Stoopid. I also don’t know how to handle the rain and I live in Seattle. I hope we can still be friends despite how annoying I am when it comes to inclement weather.

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