So what are you gonna wear when it gets cold out?

Today is my first day of boot season.  I’m sick of sneakers, my feet would be numb in sandals (maybe not outside, but I’d definitely lose a toe in the office) and I just didn’t feel like flats.  So I happily pulled my trusty Ugg Boots out of the box that they’ve been sitting in all summer that never actually made it into my closet.  (Wow.)

With my skinny jeans tucked into my Uggs–

Time out.

I’m going to stop right here and say that I don’t want to hear about how Uggs are UGGly.  Yes, ha, I get it.  It was a funny joke 4 years ago.  Now it’s stupid.  I went to college in Central PA.  It’s cold there.  I needed warm boots.  The Uggs are warm.  Now I live in NYC.  It’s cold here too.  And I walk.  EVERYWHERE.  I can’t be flitting around the city in some pointy-toed, leather stilleto boot.  Hell, I couldn’t manage those anywhere, I’m not exactly “heel-savvy.”  But the point is, I like my Uggs and I will continue to wear them.  And until I can find a wider leg jean that doesn’t look like it was pulled from the 70s, I’ll be wearing them with my skinny jeans tucked safely inside.

Time in.

–and my cardigan sweater on, I was ready for the chilly morning commute.  I bumped into my boss getting off the train (second day in a row actually) so we walked in together.

While we’re chatting about last night’s Pro Run, I can feel a lurker to my left.  All of a sudden a voice pops into my ear.

“So what’re you gonna wear when it gets cold out?”

It’s some older dude in a business suit, who I’m sure thought he was being hilaaaaarious, asking me about my Uggs.  Which my boss was also wearing (but was hiding under her wide leg jeans).

I paused for a split second then responded with, “I don’t know!  Sandals I guess, right?” and tried to fake a little polite laughter.

After he passed (but probably before he was out of earshot…oh well) my boss and I exchanged one of those “what the hell was that?” glances.

“So…that was really weird,” she said.

“Uh, yeah…yeah it was.  I mean, I thought it was kinda chilly already.”  That was it.  We continued talking about Pro Run.

But I’ve got to wonder.  Why did this guy decide to stop a random girl on the street to try out his little joke on?  Is he asking this of every girl he sees in Uggs?  Because I’ve seen quite a few already.  Did he ask me because I didn’t have time last night to transfer all of my crap from my white purse to a more fall appropriate brown purse?

This guy was a real risk taker.  If I had been a (stereo)typical New Yorker, I could have responded with something frightning like, “I was going to make a pelt out of you, a-hole!” Or something less creepy.  Like a really mean New York stare.

On the one hand, I should look a little harder for those boot-hiding jeans.  On the other hand, I’m going to keep tucking my jeans into my Uggs, daring old men in business suits to chat me up.


15 thoughts on “So what are you gonna wear when it gets cold out?

  1. i will refrain from my ugly comments (i never say it with 2 g’s because that’s obnoxious in and of itself) but i was hoping this post was going to be about pulling out your cold weather clothes and realizing it all sucks but you’re broke so you’re stuck. i was so looking forward to writing (in all caps) “me too!”
    but alas, it’s just about some weirdo thinking you’ve been wearing your boots all summer long. i’d just brush it off, afterall there’s someone else out there walking around in socks & crocs. *shudder*

  2. Oh uggs…how long you’ve managed to stay relevant to pop culture. I actually worked at a shoe store that sold Man uggs. I couldn’t support that movement.

  3. NSJ: It totally would have been because I’ve been having the fall clothing crisis, but this was just too weird not to write about haha! But I promise, if I DO write the other one, I’ll let you know so you can get the ME TOO in early!!

    Ben: I can’t support men Uggs either. It’s just wrong.

  4. This is relevant. Just hang in there.

    I get extremely cold at night and early in the morning. I freeze actually. Teeth chattering. Whole nine yards.

    So, camping mid-October is a thing with my friends. October isn’t normally a cold month in Alabama, but for me-it pretty much calls for the all out winter attire.

    I sit with my hot cocoa by the fire, wearing two tees, a boggan, a hoodie, knee socks, my favorite jeans, my little kid timberlands(practically free if you can wear kid sizes. SCORE!), my monster mittens(they have eyeballs and a tongue!) and an incredibly long scarf wrapped everso artfully about my head and neck. All while everyone frolicks about in theire p.j.s and makes comments like old suit dude.


  5. I think Uggs are ugly, I’m not even gonna lie.

    I bought a pair of $20 knock offs though at Target for the winters here in Chicago. They kept my feet warm.

    I’ll forgo style for warmth with this one.

  6. How about a bikini and Uggs??? Just to see what kinda comments you get?

    Seriously, like you say, tons of people around in Uggs at the moment, my sis was wearing hers the other night and it wasn’t particularly cold out. Don’t see the big deal.

    The guy was a dumbass.

  7. Just bought my first pair of Uggs a couple of weeks ago! Got black and I’m going to order another pair in sand. Michigan gets pretty damn cold too! As for summertime wear…these boots are meant to keep your feet at body temp, warm in the cold and cool in the heat but I agree its not a cute look.

  8. Uggs are not the prettiest boots on the block, but man are they warm. My roomate teased me about them until she borrowed them one day — then she ended up getting her own.

    In Canada, when it’s -40 or -50 (Celcius) in the winter, it’s just practical to wear the warmest boots out there.

    It doesn’t even begin to explain the girls who where them in the summer with mini skirts. Excuse me, but how do you not pass out from the heat?

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