Well hung David Blaine, well hung*

Oh oh oh it’s maaaagic!  Or, you know, endurance and stuff.

Last night the roomie, her coworker and I headed to Central Park to hang with (yup, you’d better believe I’ll be using that pun as many times as possible) David Blaine (because I had to tell him that he sucked for another bloggy friend of mine).

We pushed through some people, made our way to the area underneath D. Blaine and waited for our turn to take a picture with the magic man.

After over a day of bat-like behavior Blaine was taking some breaks, presumably to stop his eyes from exploding:

Small and scrappy as we are, we pushed our way to the velvet rope and got our picture taken with the (admittedly a little bit dishy) Blaine!

Wanting to make it look good for the cameras, Blaine stretches out:

And then they raise him up…

…and he gets on this crane.  Um.  This is interesting.  What’s going on here?  Are you, the man who froze himself, calling it quits?

Nope.  Potty break.  Apparently even magicians on liquid diets have to take a poo now and then.  And, since I know some people draw the line at poop pictures**, I thought I’d try and fill the void.  Okay, in all fairness, I was too icked out to take the pooping picture myself…but I’ll still post it for all of you who need your feces fix.  (Oh, gross right?  Too much?  Yeah…too much.)

And there you have it.  My magical afternoon.



*Title and pooping picture courtesy of the roomie!*

**You know I love you Crissy!**


16 thoughts on “Well hung David Blaine, well hung*

  1. He took a shadoobie right there in front of everyone?


    I would have liked to have seen that even though I watch a man take a shadoobie every day of my life.

    Marriage is a magical thing…

    PS: I love you too!

  2. Narm: That seems to be the popular vote.

    Ben: Not really, no. But he did look cute in the shades.

    Paula: If he were juggling while he was up there, then we could talk.

    Kristen: Ahh, suddenly I can’t wait to tie the knot.

  3. DMB: well obvi, poop is totally hilarious.

    MinD: Actually, they grabbed a “huge fan” (who was the most apathetic chick I’d ever seen) and asked if they could strap her into a mini harness for 60 seconds so she could “get a sense of what he was going through.”

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