Come on, vote for crap!

There are some very important votes that need to be cast in the upcoming weeks. Huh? No, not the election.

Vote 1: Our very own Crissy has been nominated for Hottest Mommy Blogger. And our very own Stoogepie is giving away all kinds of crap if you vote for her! So get on it!

Vote 2: Jamie Lovely, who’s celebrating her bloggy birthday this week, is in need of votes too! Give her blog the happiest bday ever by voting for her!

Vote 3: This one is HUGE!!!!  I love these shoes…but what color should I get?  They’re going to be my ‘walking in the city doing all the exploring that I didn’t do last year because I was an unpaid intern and couldn’t afford to explore” shoes!


13 thoughts on “Come on, vote for crap!

  1. Okay, I’m here simply to discuss shoes… And let me break down my thought process, ’cause I’m bored and have time.

    I’m inclined to say “go with the black/white” because they, clearly, are the most versatile for your outfit selections. However, I sway toward white/midnight navy…, but then again, you’ll be doing a great deal of walking, thus they’ll be pretty gross far quicker than anyone would want.

    And so, I’d get dust/berry-midnight fog-white. They caught my eye as soon as I went on the page – I even briefly considered purchasing them, as I have NO real sneakers, but then I went “ack, $65, hell no.”

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