My day in smells

Yeah, you read that right.  My day.  In smells.  But really, it’s 2 days because if it were my WHOLE day I wouldn’t be posting this until tomorrow and you’d have to read more about how I’m going through The Change–office hot flashes for everyone!

So, here we go.  The things I’ve smelled in the last 24 hours:

Peppers.  Or onions.  I’m not entirely sure which but someone is always cooking something fabulous in our kitchen at work.  I never see who it is or what they made but damn, it smells incredible.

Wild Mushroom Potato Pancakes.  Aka my lunch.  Aka one of the best things I’ve ever eaten.  Ever.  EVER.

Popcorn.  100 calorie packs that my co-workers snack on.

B.O.  In the 3 seconds it took for someone to pass me (walking in the other direction too, mind you) I got such a whiff I almost passed out.

Poop.  For some seriously gross reason, 23rd street always smells like a toilet.  Doesn’t matter if it’s 90 or 60.  Garbage day or not.  It always has that…stink.  My commute is gross, isn’t it?

Flowers.  I bought them on Saturday and felt very New York carrying the bouquet around.  Since then, they’ve been rotating between my bedroom (where they have a shot at natural light) and my living room (where they’re really pretty!).

Cigarette smoke.  I think someone in the hostel has an addiction.  I almost liked it better when it was weed.

Bacon.  Now this is cruel.  If I smell bacon in the morning it had better be coming from my kitchen.  Otherwise, I want nothing to do with it.

Vanilla cake.  Lord knows who was wearing the vanilla lotion on the train but I’m so glad they were!

Bleach.  Which is of some concern as the smell came from our box of samples.  But, whatever.

Shrimp…or alfredo…or pizza.  Something smelled good in the kitchen.  I finally asked.  No one seemed to know.


There it is.  And it’s no wonder my nose is tired at the end of the day.


13 thoughts on “My day in smells

  1. Well it looks like this has already been done. I’ve come to comment on bacon. Do you know what I craved yesterday? Bacon Bits. The fake kind. I’m not sure why… but I think I need some ASAP.

  2. Apollo: That hurts almost as much as if you told me my baby was ugly.

    Jamie: You should work with me. Cake every other day (it’s like a bad Seinfeld episode in here!)

    Meg: You’re my kind of girl.

  3. Maybe you should make yourself an old-fashioned posey. You could hold it up to your nose as you walk about the city. It would be very retro. Renaissance Retro. You could be a trend setter!

  4. this is fabulous!

    im making a bacon appetizer on saturday night for a pre going out party. when i make this app i reek of bacon when im done. im secretly hoping some hot man smells the bacon on me and wants to make out.


    im only half kidding.

  5. this cracks me up and I might have to steal it one day. I am one of those girls with an insane sense of smell, i can tell you at dinner what you had for breakfast. Glad I am not the only one.

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