And the OTHER winner is…

Here’s Chris‘ winning entry.  (And sorry for the delay…I was out sick yesterday…*cough cough*)

Win in the End

“I’m going to have an aneurysm trying to suck this thing out,” he thought to himself.

Of course this was happening to him. He had told his friend Steve that he could suck an almond through a straw and now that the damn nut was in there, he was dying trying to get it to come any further than halfway.

Actually, his exact words to Steve were, “Steve, you are crazy! I could do it just like I did your Mom.” This of course led to Steve punching him in the chest and then telling him to prove it.

This is what he does though.

He accepts any challenge no matter how much he knows he’ll never be able to accomplish it. That was how he ended up watching The Lion King fifteen times in a row. The bet was for twenty, but by the time fifteen rolled around, the only thoughts he could form started with wondering what Simba would do, so he had to stop.

Not this time.

He was not going to stop sucking on that straw no matter how much he thought his brain might explode and leak out of his ears.

Steve could laugh all he wanted, and he could taunt him with “Dude your head has this huge vein coming out of it!” but he would not stop until he won.

Plus, if he gave up now, there would be no way he’d ever get to tell Steve’s Mom about his triumph, and maybe – just maybe, get the chance to see her naked.

He’d heard she liked winners, and he was determined, with thoughts of her making Socially Unacceptable Noises while wearing an apron in his head, to become that man.


6 thoughts on “And the OTHER winner is…

  1. Ben: You calls ’em like you sees ’em.

    Matt: Very mature, thank you.

    Apollo: He calls ’em like he sees ’em. You can’t deny that.

    Kristen: No worries. You were busy being a hot mommy and who can judge you for that?

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