Sometimes there can be too much of a good thing

I’ve been hearing a lot of rumors lately.  And I’ll be honest, Internets, I don’t like what I hear.

Friends, the movie?

No thank you.

I am the biggest fan of Friends.  My graduation present to myself was the series box set.  And I’ve watched it, from 1-10 at least 6 full times by now.

I can quote Friends in almost any situation without it sounding weirdly out of place.  Well, except for when I choose really obscure quotes that then need to be followed up with “it’s from Friends.”  I spend a lot of time saying “did you ever see The One…?” and relating certain episodes to real life events. My junior year we owned Scene It: Friends edition.  Even the “hard” questions were too easy for us.  There was no challenge.

Let me pause and set the record straight on one point though: I NEVER had “The Rachel” cut.  Never.

But now I hear that they are going to make Friends into a movie.  And I worry.  Because the show was fabulous.  And then Joey happened.  And that was, well, not so fabulous.  So I am concernicus that the movie will not live up to the fabulous memory of the show.  Sure, it might be nice to Ross and Rachel finally married.  Sure, it might be nice to see the Erica and Jack all grown up.  Sure, it might be nice to see Cole and Dylan reprise their role as “Ben.”  Sure, it might be nice to see if Phoebe and Mike popped out any babies.  And sure, it might be nice to see if Joey ever managed to get himself a career.

But what happens if the spark is gone.  If the plot line is a bit, well, jump the shark.  We all saw SATC.  As a woman I wanted to slap SJP for actually taking Big back.  If I ever got stood up at the altar like that I wouldn’t be so likely to just welcome someone back.  Especially after it took us 10(ish) years to get there.  And especially if I knew that I was his third marriage and that he had cheated on one of the wives with me.

But take him back she did.  And I just couldn’t buy it.  I know I’m in the minority of people who were, well, less than satisfied with the flick (so please don’t attack me) but I was.

I would hate to see that happen to a show that produced such memorable–wait, they may just be memorable to me, let me go with–hilarious lines as:

We were on a break!!

What the mother of crap is this? Is it gum? Is it food? Oh, it’s lovely, may I try a pink one?


Smelly cat….

Oh wait, what did you mean when you said “pivot”?

Ahh, salmon skin roll.


Actually it’s Miss Chanandler Bong.

See, he’s her lobster!

How you doin’?

And one of my favorites ever:

But they don’t know that we know that they know we know.

And Joey, you can’t say anything to them!

Even if I wanted to….

Of course, I say all of this knowing full well that if a movie does come out, I’ll go see it.  But I don’t know if I’ll be happy about it.


15 thoughts on “Sometimes there can be too much of a good thing

  1. i use the lobster comment all the time. i can’t even count how many times i’ve called M “my loster” to people who have no clue… i don’t bother explaining.

    a friends movie sounds awful.

  2. Um, I really want to see Ben (above) with the Rachel haircut.

    I agree as well. I LOVED the show. I watch it every day from 6-7. The roommates know. They’ve accepted it. I love reruns. I love quoting it and comparing episodes to it.

    I don’t love the idea of the movie. I didn’t like SATC the movie either, it just didn’t live up to the original show. The show was fabulous, the movie was just…bleh. I think they ended Friends on a good note. Leave it at that. Please?

    We don’t want it to be The One Where They Jump The Shark.

  3. Ben: You realize you can’t say something like that and not produce a picture, yes?

    NSJ: I love the lobster line!

    Lauren: Well, I think you just figured out what the title should be!! Let’s make sure they credit you for that!

  4. Seriously, you are my tv twin.

    No no nooooo to a Friends movie.


    Some of my favorites are Joey speaking French and Ross’ Thanksgiving leftover sandwich with a “moist-maker”.

  5. haha I love Friends. I just don’t think a movie would have the same magic.
    I am a Perez Hilton fan and apparently they keep denying that there will be a Friends movie. I choose to believe there won’t be because I don’t want them to wreck the magic…

  6. I loved “Friends”, never had the Rachel cut either and can adapt lines to suit virtually any situation. My flatmate is just as bad. And I too wanted to slap Carrie for getting back with Big after what he did. Idiot.

  7. I adore Friends! Often if I am not sure whether I am going to get along with a new person, I throw a Friends quote out there. If they catch the reference, they are My Kind of People.

    I have to be really careful who I use the “moo point” line around, because if they don’t get it then I just look like I don’t understand the concept of “moot.”

  8. Ok this is seriously freaking my shit out. I just had a dream that my sister lost a ton of weight (like at least 100lbs…) and the next day my mom calls to tell me my sister is going on a new anxiety drug to help her lose all the weight her bipolar meds made her gain… So… I’m basically a soothsayer.

    Well THEN two nights ago I had a dream there was a Friends reunion and I was like… really giddy about it in my dream. When I woke up I said to myself, hmm… that might actually be really weird if they did that. And now you are telling me THEY (maybe) ARE?!

    (Please oh please don’t let my nipple/straw dream come true….)

  9. Jamie: Joey speaking French has produced some of the funniest moments in Friends history.

    Apollo: I feel like this is your TV version of hating the Beatles.

    Matt: Agreed.

    Dingo: Agreed. No means no!

    MinD: That is definitely a good one!

    Kez: I’m with you–ignorance (or denial) is bliss!

    Paula: Totally. A slap upside the head is WELL deserved!

    Erin: Moo point is such a good one–very tricky though! But yeah, I totally do the same thing.

    Amanda: If this turns out to be true, I’m either blaming your or saying that we need to chat every morning so I can plan my day accordingly!

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