Dirty lady tea cups

Last Saturday I finally found something that I’ve been looking for since I moved to the city.  I found Fishs Eddy.

Before I moved to the city, when I was working nights at the paper and was getting up before 10 just to ensure that I could take a nap before work, I watched a lot of Rachael Ray.  I love me some RR.  One episode she did a feature about how to make your dinner table unique and she was talking about this store in NYC.  Of course, being a dope, I didn’t think to write down the name of it.  So I forgot what it was called and I moved to the city just hoping that one day I would come across the mythical seller of all things fabulous and ceramic.

Then, finally, last weekend, after 11 months in the city, I found it.  I was in a serious shopping funk after DSW did not the shoes that I wanted (and that they promised on their Web site would be in the store–and you do NOT mess with a woman’s footwear).  So Boo and I took a walk.  And there it was.  On the corner of 19th and Broadway.  And I was so happy.

And then I found these and I was even happier:

I was in love at first sight.  Inappropriate? Yes.  But do I care? No.  I totally think they are hilarious and I love them.

And the best part, they were $3.49.


11 thoughts on “Dirty lady tea cups

  1. Apollo: Thank you. Thank you very much.

    Ben: Well I got 2 sets, so I’ll just invite her to tea and make her realize that I rule. And so do my cups.

    Matt: Thanks! And yay! I just got it and I loved reading it!

    Meg: You can buy them online! fisheseddy.com

  2. I love this store. Their inventory is always unique and fresh. I’m coming to your house for a tea party just so I can drink out of those deliciously dirty cups. Um, dirty as in “naughty” not as in dirty-dirty.

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