Free samples? It’s go time

Today in my office was intense.  It was the day that my coworker cleaned out all of the accessories that she could.  By the time I got out of my meeting, she had 2 pretty substantial sized boxes filled with bags, hats and belts.  She gave me the nod so I could pull out what I wanted before the storm.

The first colleague arrived seconds later.  It was like they were sharks and could smell the blood in the water–they didn’t necessarily care what was bleeding but they wanted a part of it.  I managed to get out alive (and satisfied with my grabs!) before mass chaos ensued.

First it was the neighboring cube quad.  Then, slowly, the numbers grew.  People walking past would grab a few items for themselves then return to their quad to pull their team over and the search would go on.  While this was happening, the boxes were still being added to, as it was decided that this item was dropped or that one was already in stores.

I just sat back and watched, with one eye and one ear on the alert for anything good from the stack of late adds.  It was an intense-adrenaline pumping 20 minutes.  The frenzy grew, causing me to think that maybe I hadn’t grabbed all that I could out of these boxes.  Maybe there was something awesome, hidden at the bottom, calling my name.

Of course I know this wasn’t true–I’ve been sitting by these boxes for the last 2 months, waiting for the day when we could rid ourselves of them.  Or at least get them out of the office and away from my desk and into a place where they could better be of use–like my closet.

And, despite my being itchy for fall shopping, I showed great restraint.  Rather than grabbing anything and everything that I could ever possibly want, I was discerning in my grabs, choosing only things that I thought I could use (or could give as gifts that wouldn’t cause people to question the cool factor of my line).

Here’s my haul:

The beach bag I’ve been eyeing since July.  Sweet!

The duffel bag that I’ve also been eyeing sing July.  (I travel a lot and like bags that I can actually use.  My purse rut makes grabbing purses a little less essential).

A tiny tote.  With a little bow.  Too cute!

Annnnnnd a t-shirt.  It was being used as inspiration for technique on a scarf or bag or something and no one else wanted it and it looks just comfy enough for me to sleep in.


All in all, everyone played nice, shared, traded and no one had to leave with hurt feelings or a need to hide their new belongings in a locked drawer lest someone carry them off while they aren’t looking.

I have to admit, this almost makes up for the loss of summer Fridays.  Almost.


8 thoughts on “Free samples? It’s go time

  1. Jamie: No, you really really can’t.

    Matt: Can’t beat it.

    NSJ: Don’t feel bad, we’re not exactly Valentino over here.

    Lauren: You’re female–it’s in your blood! What girl can refuse a free clothing/accessory sample?

  2. At the end of junior year, someone in my apartment complex put out a sign that said “free stuff.” My roommate and I saw it first, grabbing some really awesome finds – such as a really great purple floor pillow that my dog currently adores ((the chick was moving to Cali, couldn’t take all her belongings)). In a matter of 2 hours, everything was gone.

    Craziness ensues when you tell people shit is free, that’s for sure.

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