I’ll do anything for a free T-shirt

Seriously. I’ll do ANYTHING for a free t-shirt. Okay. Not anything. I’m not a GGW girl yet–go away Joe Francis. But if it comes to bar tours, group activities or events that will result in my acquiring a new T-shirt, I’m down. It doesn’t even need to be a T-shirt. Anything costumey that other people will also be donning is OK in my book.

Let’s take a look at some past outfits, shall we?

This first one is the back of my THON Morale shirt*. We were the Totally Awesome Green Team, or, TAG Team. So of course, we capitalized on TAG body spray for our team motto, etc.

These our from my senior year. Actually, this was almost 2 years ago exactly. Le sigh. It was Beer Olympics. My team was so awesome that we only needed 2 people, me and Jenny, instead of 4. We may have lost a lot of the events, but we had to drink double, so we pretty much won anyway.

Oh, and these. These are from the mini bar tour that I went on with Boo, my neighbor and her bf at the time. There’s a good story behind the shirts but, well, it’s my one-liner (do you SEE how I tied that into my contest that you should all be entering? I know, I rock) so I’m not telling. You can just go ahead and chuckle at your own interpretations of them.

As you can see, whether it’s professionally made (as in, someone else made it), pseudo-professionally made (as in, I totally printed those things out myself and those iron-ons took WORK) or amateur hour (as in, we Sharpied them an hour before we left and then filled them in as we went), I’m down for the shirt.

Why bring this up now? Because today our company is taking us to the US Open. And a group of us have decided that we are going to rock matching visors (yeah, I said visors, get over it) and similar but not exactly matching outfits. And it makes me glad. Because it proves that even in the real world, even if it’s not a T-shirt, I can still rock a themed outfit and that kind of makes my day.


*NOTE: I did NOT participate in THON for the T-shirt. It was just an added awesome bonus because those shirts serve as reminders of the best weekends of my life!*


4 thoughts on “I’ll do anything for a free T-shirt

  1. Dingo: No, I think he was throwing something actually. But he did climb the 2-story deck later in the night so he really was that drunk.

    Kristen: NICE! I’m actually kind of jealous of that one.

    Apollo: Ennh!! You can’t hate me! Besides, it was really hot!!

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