Hm, well, that can’t bode well…

There are a lot of things that you look at and you just know:  that cannot bode well.  You can’t always pinpoint why–although most of the time you can–but you just KNOW that nothing good will come out of what you have just seen.

Here are some examples:

Oh, what’s that?  You don’t see anything wrong with this picture?  Look closer:

Yes.  That IS the handle on the ground.  There is also one on the toilet.  There’s no great explanation for why this “extra” handle seems to be just hanging out, on standby, in the reserves, but you know that it won’t bode well.  Did it come from that toilet and someone threw an extra handle on to make it look like nothing was wrong?  Did it fall off of the toilet next to that one and someone kicked it into that stall to cover up the fact that they broke a toilet?  Either way, it’s not going to end well.

Another example?

I saw this woman on the train Sunday night when Boo and I met up with Chris and Ari for dinner.  We’re not sure where this woman got on the train or when she took her shoes off but all of a sudden, around 51st street we looked up, or rather down, and there she was.  And you just KNOW that nothing good can come out of this woman being barefooted on the subway.  I feel like I need to repeat that: BAREFOOTED ON THE SUBWAY.  That’s just wrong.  And that can’t bode well.  What possibly possesses a person to take off their shoes on the subway?  I don’t care how badly your feet are hurting.  I don’t if they are bleeding.  There is no excuse to take your shoes off on the train.  None.

Like I said, you can’t always tell when a situation won’t bode well.  But, let’s face it.  You usually can.


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8 thoughts on “Hm, well, that can’t bode well…

  1. that last one makes me shudder and makes my feet ache. i can’t imagine the sprays and lotions that woman is going to have to slather on her feet to get rid of all the nastiness she’ll be catching. uggh. i’m a big fan of always saying “that’s how you get ringworm” (no matter the situation but always when it involves feet!)

  2. When I was a flight attendant I would see people walk around the plane barefoot. There were even a large number of people who would go into the bathrooms barefoot. Gross. Just gross.

  3. nsj: Haha next time I see something like that I’m totally using your ringworm line!

    apollo: And those are just the ones science has named.

    Dingo: Ohh no, that’s just nasty!

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