IS it the first day of school?

I’m freaking out a bit this morning.  I had a weird anxiety when I woke up and I couldn’t quite place it.

I knew that I was not looking forward to going back to the office.  I worked from home on Friday so my long weekend felt even longer.  Plus, Boo came in to the city on Thursday night so he was working at home on Friday with me (hey, they never specify what home it should be).  I slept in and stayed up late…okay, stayed up late for me.  I’m sorry I like a good 12 hours when I can get it.

Finally, it hit me.  I figured out what the problem was.  Last night I decided that all I wanted for lunch was peanut butter and jelly.  It’s been awhile since I’d had one and damn, did it sound delicious.  I was just starting on the jelly when Rach walked into the kitchen.

“I think it’s the first day of school across the street.  All the kids are holding on to the parent’s hands.  You should totally check it out.”

And that’s when it hit me.  I was having first day of school jitters.  Sure, logically I know that I’m not going back to school but that doesn’t change anything.  For years I was conditioned to start looking out for the bus, which, around the end of August, would start practicing it’s route for the new school year.  I still shudder when I hear the sound of school busses.

So it makes sense that, after years of knowing that Labor Day means that summer is really and truly over and there won’t be a day off until Thanksgiving, I would have a little anxiety this morning. It’s just lame that it took wrapping a brownie in tin foil and watching the little kids across the street line up for me to realize that I still feel like I’m going back to school.

And you know what?  I’m totally going to enjoy that PB&J.


10 thoughts on “IS it the first day of school?

  1. i realized the other day that i’ve been holding onto all my new clothes i recently bought just like i did for school. you want to have that “first wear” on a big day, and i guess i’ve been holding out until it felt more appropriate which it does now that school is back in session. i feel like we can all wear our awesome new clothes! i’m such a loser

  2. NSJ: Um, totally NOT a loser. I’ve been all about the new fall wardrobe! I keep trying to justify purchases with “back to school” logic…even though I’m not going back.

    Apollo: Yeah. Yeah it did. And it was really sad. Especially because it didn’t even taste as jelly-y as it should have b/c all of the jelly was in the ziploc. Bummer.

  3. I didn’t realize it til I was driving to work this morning past all the kids waiting for the bus. I just felt very very sorry for them.

  4. Heather: Eww….I’m totally with you on that one.

    Meg: It’s funny, when we were kids, we planned to grow up and drive by kids waiting and laugh about how we didn’t have to go to school. Now, we’ve grown up (well….) and we just remember how bad it was and we can’t. I feel like we missed out somehow.

  5. haha school totally scars you for life! My granddad is in his late 80s and he still gets nightmares about tests and school life!!!!
    There’s no hope for us young’uns!

  6. Dingo: With PB&J anything IS possible!

    k8: You are preaching to the choir on that one! School supply season is my favorite!

    kez: Oh crap, I thought I’d outgrow those dreams!

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