I like lists

Since I’m fairly sure no one stopped by this section while it had its very own page dedicated to it, I’ve decided to just post it and make it a regular thing.

That being said, I like lists. Granted I am happier with paper lists than I am with electronic lists, but nonetheless I love a good list.

As I mentioned yesterday, I went to Barnes and Nizzle and got myself a book. Some people were pretty upset that they were left hanging about the title of said book (Sorry Matt! I told you you’d find out soon though!). I hope you all see where I’m going here. No? Okay. I got “My life in lists” It’s basically a blank book filled with list prompts. The type of book that I would normally feel really lame for buying myself but since I am a working gal who deserves a frivolous treat now and then I did not.

My plan is to bore you with share my lists every so often and maybe post some that seem like lists you would want to make on your own. My first list however is one that I stole borrowed from some other fabulous bloggers. It seemed to the most appropriate way to start things off.

So, here it is:


  1. I’m a huge nerd. But I’m stealth. I’m a stealth nerd. The term is mine and I coined it 7 years ago. If you know what it means to be a stealth nerd, you’re probably one too.
  2. I’m short and I like it. 5’ ½”. I also get super pissed when people forget the ½…it’s SUPER important!
  3. I am addicted to ChapStick and never leave home without it.
  4. I think that cheese makes everything better.
  5. I also think that bacon makes everything better.
  6. I collect spoons. I probably have over 100 by now. I also have probably not visited half of the places I have spoons from.
  7. When I was younger I had an uncontrollable afro (we’re talking Diana Ross style). Now that I like love know how to handle accept my hair, I’m worried it’s going to get thin.
  8. My 2 best friends in the whole world are my mom and my boyfriend.
  9. I love finding money in pockets, purses, etc. so sometimes I’ll leave a couple bucks behind at the end of the season so the next time I wear/use whatever it is I’ll have a pleasant surprise.
  10. I have turned down 3 hugely prestigious companies for internships/jobs.
  11. I have an ongoing love affair with school/offices supplies. Staples is my mecca.
  12. Chuck Taylors are the best shoes ever. I have at least 5 pairs.
  13. I can do a really excellent Snoopy impression.
  14. I once flew a (real, not remote controlled) plane into a turkey vulture.
  15. I have acid reflux. It sucks.
  16. I went through a phase in middle school where I painted different things on my nails every Sunday night. One week was a solar system and each nail a different planet. One week was flowers. My left hand always looked exponentially better than my right.
  17. I am scared to death of E.T.
  18. I am a walking pharmacy. At any given time there is stuff in my purse to cure heartburn, migraines, cuts, dry skin and chapped lips (see #2).
  19. I like Chinese food. Especially General Tso’s, “no hot” (see # 15).
  20. I am slightly obsessed with Friends and quote the show as often as possible.
  21. I am super OCD about necklace chains. If I see the clasp, I get twitchy. If I am not allowed to return the clasp to its proper spot behind the neck, I freak out.
  22. My first cuss word was in 5th grade. It was “shit.” I said it after I got knocked down by the tire swing. I was the last in my class to cuss.
  23. I write upside down. Translation: left handed, “above the word” posture but with my right hand.
  24. I have terrible handwriting. Possibly as a result of this bad posture.
  25. I have thrown my back out at least 4 times.
  26. I am a Christian.
  27. I rarely ate in the dining commons in college, thus one of my major sources of sustenance was Tostitos and Queso dip.
  28. I love to read. I didn’t really do it from 8th grade—senior year of college. I blame this primarily on The Scarlet Letter.
  29. I have boyfriend named Boo. Someday, when we’re a little bit older, we’re going to Mr. and Mrs. Boo. I can’t wait.
  30. I rarely drink. This is a change from college.
  31. My drink of choice (if I have to have a mixed one) is a gin and gingerale.
  32. I am a very picky eater. I’ve gotten better since I was a kid but I’m still not great.
  33. I hate long distance relationships.
  34. I love to sleep. Napping is especially awesome.
  35. I have a sleep mask that makes me look like I am a chicken wearing glasses.
  36. My high school TV class remains one of my best memories.
  37. I am a bit of an old man (see #13, 23 and 29).
  38. I’m a good kid. I have my fair share of shenanigans. I won’t list them b/c my parents read my blog.
  39. My birthday is New Year’s Eve. I will never let you forget it.
  40. I’m a huge believer in the power of a cracker. Particularly a Ritz Cracker.
  41. When in bed I have to have all of my limbs on top of the mattress. Nothing can hang over. If I pause while getting into bed and my foot is on the ground for longer than necessary, I totally freak out. I think this stems from my childhood.
  42. I prefer nights in to nights out.
  43. I love a good Shirley Temple.
  44. Despite my issues with it, food is important to me. I am Italian. This comes naturally.
  45. I weigh less now, after dropping all of my beer weight, than I did in high school.
  46. I would kill for long hair but I always get super annoyed with it about 6 weeks after a cut and I’m back at the salon.
  47. I love to shop.
  48. I drink at least 1 cup of tea almost every single day.
  49. I went to Penn State so I’ll always bleed blue and white.
  50. I danced in a 46 hour dance marathon (THON) at PSU. It was 46 hours of no sitting and no sleeping and it was the best experience of my life.
  51. I am a very forgiving person.
  52. My biggest fear in life is losing the people closest to me.
  53. I am horrible at keeping in touch with people. Even my good friends.
  54. I have rarely touched Instant Messenger since I graduated.
  55. I have my aunt’s and mom’s vintage Barbies and think they are the coolest things ever.
  56. My 2 front teeth are fake.
  57. I want a dog SO badly but golden retrievers aren’t exactly “apartment dogs.”
  58. I love pictures. I am that annoying friend when we go out that’s saying “ooh, wait, let me get a picture!”
  59. I want to write a book someday.
  60. I never got strep throat before college and I haven’t had it since. During the 4 years I was there I had it at least 6 times.
  61. I’m the only member of my family not born in New York, but I was in the same nursery (at the same time) as LeBron James–we’re birthday twins!.
  62. My biggest fantasy in life is to have my own spontaneous dance break. Just like in the movies. Everyone knows the moves but I am the lead.
  63. I have mood eyes. They change from grey to blue to green, depending on what I wear. They are the prettiest colors when I am pissed as hell or crying my eyes out.
  64. I am the subject of the “save the baby!” story told at every family gathering. This is the only story told at every family gathering.
  65. I got a “freedom piercing” on my tragus to celebrate breaking up with an overly-emo boyfriend. Now I love the earring so much I don’t want to take it out. I worry this will be an issue when I get married.
  66. I worry about things unnecessarily. I also worry so far in the future that by the time the thing I’m worried about comes around, it’s usually not an issue. I need to work on this.
  67. I spend a lot of time of Facebook.
  68. I should be ashamed to admit to half of the shows/movies that I watch. I’m not.
  69. My first job was at Bruegger’s Bagel Bakery. To this day I haven’t found bagels that top those which is why it kills me that they don’t have one in NYC.
  70. I hate nature. My idea of “roughing it” is a Motel 6 with no cable.
  71. My go-to outfit is jeans, chucks, basic tee (American Apparel) and a cardigan. (See #1). This is my “adult interpretation” of the hoodie I rocked in college.
  72. I think sweat pants are amazing. I would spend all of my time in them if I could. Specifically Boo’s pair from high school that I confiscated.
  73. I am massively vomit-phobic. I’ve gotten better (thanks, drunk State College inhabitants) but not much.
  74. I like to make lists–paper lists. There is something extraordinarily satisfying about crossing things off a list.
  75. I always stand up for the little guy. Even if it’s not my battle, I’ll fight it if I don’t think the victim will. Except fashion victims–sometimes there’s just no excuse.
  76. I might be (read: am pretty sure I am) a little judgmental. I need to work on this.
  77. My mouth gets me in trouble. I tend not to filter all the time.
  78. I have a temper. Once I actually upset someone so much they threw up. I am really slightly not proud of this.
  79. At any given time I have at least 3 people in Facebook limbo.
  80. I prefer calling to texting. Texting is a pain when making plans.
  81. I call myself a “writer” but for whatever reason, I can’t keep a journal to save my life.
  82. I love greeting cards. I could spend hours in Hallmark.
  83. I HATE sappy greeting cards. I don’t mind getting them but I refuse to send them.
  84. I am a pack rat. I save absolutely everything–some things b/c I feel like I will need them again. Some because “I will totally put it in a scrapbook someday.”
  85. I like to scrapbook but currently don’t have the space.
  86. In high school I gave a “how to” speech on shaving my legs. I wore scrubs to class and shaved my legs on the top of a desk.
  87. I am the queen of procrastination.
  88. I hated summer camp. Despite being called “Summer’s Best 2 Weeks” it was probably my worst. Partly b/c of #32 and #70. Partly b/c of #89.
  89. I wrecked my right middle finger twice. Once at camp when it got smashed b/c 2 wooden swings and the nurse thought that Popsicle sticks, tape, and Dixie cup full of ice would make it feel better. Once in college when the entire knuckle was, uh, injured.
  90. I have a visual memory. When I used to study I would memorize where the stuff was on the page to help me learn it.
  91. I had a hate/hate relationship with Ritenour (health center at PSU). They were only helpful once (see #92).
  92. I hate Campbell’s Soup At Hand. Sophomore year, a can of S.A.H. + an old school microwave = a massive, flames still shooting out of my hand, melted an entire bucket of ice water in 25 minutes, couldn’t walk the 300 yards back to my dorm b/c I was so drugged up, burn.
  93. I was in a co-ed service frat in college. Those were some of my best and worst memories from college.
  94. I still miss the bar I lived above my senior year.
  95. I’ll go to any event that results in a t-shirt. This includes but is not limited to: bar tours, beer Olympics, and free concerts (even if I’m volunteering).
  96. I was on the speech and debate team in high school. I competed in Humorous Interpretation. You can say I was a loser but I qualified for State’s and National’s.
  97. I wish I could sing. I used to be able to. I was the centipede in our 5th grade production of James and the Giant Peach and I was the only solo. By senior year, I was only allowed to sing 1 note on my own and I messed that up.
  98. People have called me conceited before. I like to think of it as a “healthy ego.” Maybe that does make me conceited?
  99. I am happiest about my appearance when I am tan. Okay, THIS makes me conceited. Or at the very least, shallow.
  100. I have a car named Conan but b/w college and moving to the city, I haven’t been with him for longer than 2 months in the last 5 years. I miss him. He’s a very pretty car.
  101. I am surprised as hell that I finished this list but I refuse to cop out on my hundred and first thing so I’ll go above and beyond and add #102:
  102. I am inappropriate and wholeheartedly intriguing. And don’t you forget it.

20 thoughts on “I like lists

  1. #22. I said shit in first grade because someone dared me to. My Dad told me that swears don’t count unless you mean them as swears (probably because he cussed in front of me as a toddler or something). The friend ran to the teacher, told on me and I got in trouble.

    Now I cuss about him even more.

  2. okay, i haven’t finished reading because i have to shower and work but i got through the first 10 and #3-5 = totally me.
    i swear by the medicated chapsticks… if it doesn’t tingle, it’s not working

  3. I SO HAD THAT BOOK IN MY LITTLE GRUBBY HANDS LESS THAN A WEEK AGO AND TALKED MYSELF OUT OF IT!!!! I have to go back and get it now. I’m coveting.

    I always enjoy meeting a fellow obsessive compulsive, list making, chapstick dwindling, short Christian gal.

    Ooh! I’ve discovered that CDO works better for me. Same as OCD-just in alphabetical order.


  4. I want to hear the story about your two front teeth…

    because I know there has to be a story. And it’s probably a really good one.

  5. Ben: Serves him right the little tattle tale.

    Alexa: Ain’t it the truth!

    notsojenny: I think #3-5 should be in the Constitution. Everyone is required to have chapstick w/them at all times and to have cheese and bacon with every meal. They could write that in, couldn’t they?

    Heather: Glad we’re in the same club :) And dude…TOTALLY GO GET THE BOOK!!

    Matt: You’re very needy with the information lately. But I’ll tell the teeth story sometime. It’s not a bad one. It’s better with visuals so I may need to get creative.

    Apollo: Oh yeah I did. And it totally pissed the nurses off, what with us always being out of our cribs, shooting hoops and signing shit.

  6. BloodRedRoses: Oh yeah. And I have the pictures to prove it. If you all promise not to laugh at how young/disheveled I look, and if you all ask REAL NICE maybe I will post those too….

  7. My wife is actually above me on the comment list, funny. Anyway, nice list! This might be rude but I can’t help it, #53 & #81 are totally the same, as well as #45 & #99. Honestly it was a great list but I couldn’t NOT say anything. Ask my wife, I’m probably her most annoying critic!

  8. Cory: Oh, ACK! I’m glad you pointed it out! I wrote the list in spurts of downtime, so I tended to forget what was already there…I’m going to correct that right now!

  9. My sister is deathly afraid of ET too. Once as a joke her friends put on ET masks and snuck up on her dorm room window in the middle of the night. She didn’t talk to them for at least a week after that.

  10. okay, i’m caught up now… and i’m going to leave a long comment…
    #43 – i always get them when i go out with my nieces… LOVE them!!
    #58 – i like to call myself a “picture whore” i take them everywhere all the time!
    #67 – word challenge is my life
    #74 – you’re starting to sound Type A
    #76 – you’re totally Type A
    #82 – if you don’t have the rewards card, get it. it gives you an “excuse” to buy more cards. i’m slightly obsessed with one specific local hallmark and won’t go to other ones
    #90 – again, Type A (or at least i think so because this is how i learn. if i write it i remember it)
    #99 – that’s because you DO look best Tan! everyone does. that’s why i need more beach days already!!

  11. Matt: It’s okay, I won’t hold your neediness against you.

    Meg: A week? Oh, I would have frozen them out for at least 2. ET is NOT a subject to be joked about.

    Dingo: You know the face Snoopy makes in A Charlie Brown Christmas, after he licks Lucy and she starts screaming for iodine? Then he sticks his tongue out and says “blaaaaaaah” with that sad face? Yeah, I do that very well!

    notsojenny: Yay! I’m glad you made it back to finish the list haha! Also, I NEVER thought about me being Type A before, but that kinda makes sense, doesn’t it?

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