Gristedes chicken*

After work yesterday I felt the shopping drive kick in.  I had 20% off coupons burning a hole in my pocket.  But it was to no avail.  Sadly, Old Navy is just, well, not what it was when I was 13.  Or maybe the issue is just that I’m not 13 and I work in fashion and now I notice EVERY LITTLE DETAIL in clothing construction and it makes me really picky.  Either way, I couldn’t find anything worth cashing my coup for, so I left in a bit of a “well, that Herald Square chaos was all for naught” funk.

I soothed my shopping despair by stopping at Barnes and Nizzle and picking up a book (because yes, I AM a nerd!) and then walking the last few blocks home.  Of course I remembered that I needed groceries so I stopped at the first Gristedes I passed.

I was shocked at how much nicer it seemed than my own Gristedes and was about to be really jealous.  Then I got to the deli counter. “I’d like a third of a pound of muenster and a third of a pound of chicken breast,” I said.

I proceed chatting w/Mama B on my phone/waiting for my deli order.

Then the deli guy goes, “1/3 muenster and 1/3 swiss?.”

Uh, no dude.  “No no, chicken breast.”

I give him a pass.  It’s loud.  That’s possibly an easy mistake.

I continue waiting.  He comes over to me and asks again, “1/3 muenster and 1/3 swiss?”

Are you kidding me?  “No no, CHICKEN BREAST!”  I make sure to really enunciate this time.  He pulls the muenster out of the case.  He walks back over to me.  “1/3 swiss?”

WHAT?!  “NO! CHICKEN BREAST!!”  I can not believe this guy.  Really, dude?  After asking me THREE TIMES you still can’t tell the difference b/w “chicken breast” and “swiss”?  I mean…one of those requests has an entire extra word in it!  Mama B starts laughing so hard that I start laughing, which is always risky to do near the people preparing your food.

Finally I guess third time really was the charm because he did manage to pull the chicken breast out of the fridge case.  He grossly over sliced both products but at least he charged me for the 1/3 I’d requested vs. the 3/4 he sliced.

And he provided me (and you by association) with today’s blog fodder, so I guess I can cut him some slack.

*It’s my blog and I’ll use really lame puns if I want to!


8 thoughts on “Gristedes chicken*

  1. i felt the shopping bug too the other day. sometimes it just gets under my skin and i’ve gotta roll with it. i dropped quite a large sum (for my tiny budget anyway) in a couple of stores and thought i was satisfied… that was until the next day i snuck to Macy*s on my way to meet a friend for lunch. they were having a HUGE clearance sale… i couldn’t go to just ONE location. i got stuff. i’m satiated.

  2. Ben: No…that wouldn’t bode well for anyone, would it?

    notsojenny: It’s true, you really do have to roll with it! D’you get anything really good?

    Matt: I’m not withholding information to be cruel…it will make itself known in a post to be written at a later date.

  3. Apollo: Ugh, I hate that. This guy held a piece of the muenster out and I said “yeah, that’s thick enough thanks” but apparently he just wanted to know if I wanted to taste it. No dude, I don’t. I know what it tastes like. If you don’t think it’s good, you should probably not be selling it. But maybe that’s just me….

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