I would have seen the movie anyway


That being said…

Boo and I went to see Step Brothers this weekend.  When I first saw the previews, I resisted.  No, I thought, this is just going to be another stupid Will Ferrell movie.  How many of those can possibly see? It was like the studio execs could read my thoughts because after that the only commercials I ever saw were commercials for Step Brothers.  Correction: I saw commercial.  That’s right.  The same one, over and over.  You know the one I mean.  Ferrell is in the process of burying John C. Reilly alive.  When Reilly protests that his dad will miss him, Ferrell assures him that “He’ll NEVER know you’re gone!”  Okay guys, you got me.  That’s kind of hilarious.  I’ll go see the movie.

Boo and I watched patiently, laughed out loud when appropriate and generally enjoyed the movie.  We were a bit upset when we realized they skipped the whole dialog about “if you feel something in the middle of the night, it’ll be me, gnawing off your ankle” or whatever the trailer showed.  But that was okay.  We could have gotten through that.

Then we came to it.  The scene where Ferrell is burying Reilly.  We held our breath, ready for a Big Laugh and…..nothing.  They cut it!  Boo tried to assure me that it would probably be in the unrated edition, but really, what the hell?  There’s no reason for that line to NOT be in the movie.

If this were a one time offense, I could let it slide.  Even a one movie offense, since, technically, it happened twice.  But no, this is a recurring theme of suckiness.  A few months back Boo and I rented Dan in Real Life primarily to hear that angry teen yell out “YOU ARE A MURDERER OF LOVE!”  Watched the whole damn movie and didn’t hear it once.

That’s strike 2.

And finally, many moons ago when my bff Cait and I went to see Music & Lyrics on Vday (she was by far my best pre-Boo Valentine!) we were waiting for Drew Barrymore to mock Hugh Grant’s water bed by saying she was getting seasick.  Never happened.  Bought the DVD, checked the deleted scenes (and no you losers I didn’t buy the DVD FOR the deleted scenes…but as long as I have it, why not check?) and nothing.  No line anywhere.

What’s going on Hollywood?  Do you think I won’t be interested in your movie if you don’t have absolutely hilarious and quotable lines decorating your trailers?   I mean sure, that may have been my initial thought about Step Brothers but you know what, movie execs?  I would have seen the movie anyway.

And let’s be honest, the most quotable lines didn’t even make the trailer.


6 thoughts on “I would have seen the movie anyway

  1. You’re right…isn’t that false advertisement??

    I have to admit, I cried in actual tears of laughter when Ferrel teabagged Reily’s drum set.

  2. I’m with you on this one. Annoying. You know what else is annoying? When you buy a soundtrack for a movie you liked and the best songs are not on the CD. That’s annoying as well.

  3. that blows! i’ve had that happen before, i can’t recall what movie it was exactly but i know your pain. i call bullshit on hollywood and their movie trailers… isn’t it false advertising??

  4. Matt: TOTAL false advertising! And I definitely laughed to tears for a lot of that movie.

    Dingo: Oh, I HATE when they mess with the soundtracks like that!

    notsojenny: I’m glad I’m not alone in this!

  5. I’m so with you on that one! Drives me nuts.

    But I did love Stepbrothers. What can I say? I Love Will Ferrell. Love him. Just can’t get enough.

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