Summer makes me SAD

I know.  I’m a lunatic for saying this but it’s true.  Summer makes me feel like I’m suffering from SAD.  Last night I walked into my bedroom around 8:00 and it was well on its way to dark outside.  It’s still August!  That’s not okay!

This weekend, all I want to do is go to the beach.  Saturday’s forecast?  Thunderstorms.  That’s not okay!

Boo is going to spend a week at the beach with his family.  He is going to come back all tan and fabulous.  I will still be pale.  That’s not okay! (Not the beach part, the tan part.  I’m not a bitch, I’m just a little shallow sometimes).

Summer bums me out.  I spend all fall, winter and spring waiting for it to be summer.  Then summer gets here and I remember that I don’t actually like it.  It’s a thousand degrees outside every day but I sit, shivering and bundled up in my office, longing for the sun.  The weekends, my one chance at a tan redemption are always raining.  And the weekends that aren’t? I’m inevitably committed to some indoor activity.

I’m a total downer today, I’m aware.  But I’m sitting here, knowing that I have a half day today and bumming hard about the drop in temperature and the cloud-filled sky.  So I’ve got a plea to make:

Mother Nature, cut me some slack and stop being a bitch and you can snow for an extra week this winter.



10 thoughts on “Summer makes me SAD

  1. Even here in NC, my one day off per week – Sundays – it is nearly always raining! And oh wait, I’m going to the beach next week — the Outer Banks, which is still a 6 hour drive, why the hell did I move so far inland!? — and the weather forecast says it’ll be colder there than where I actually live. What a huge bummer. =(

  2. Ben: Ew. Those are way crappy numbers.

    MinD: Total bummer! You should protest NCs weather–you know, remind it that it IS a southern state and should get its act together!

  3. I drink alcohol when I’m bummed…may I suggest, since it is a half day for you, to do the same?

    You won’t be mad at summer after a few margaritas. Trust me.

  4. i don’t like when M is tanner than me either… i don’t care if it is a golf tan. it’s Not Fair!! i need me some beach days too… i’m thinking about just taking random “sick” days when i wake up and it’s nice out… we’ll see

  5. Apollo: I’m sorry you were SAD about staying till 5:30. But less sorry b/c you DID miss the rain, so you were still OK.

    Lauren: Bite your tongue! I would love to be in Florida! Maybe we should be in talks about migration. You fly north for the winter and I’ll fly south? We’re both Lauren’s….maybe no one would notice?

    notsojenny: I may have to look into the “sick day” plan myself…

    Kristen: Yes…you DO make a good point.

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