In which Boo and I go to a wedding in State College

This past weekend Boo and I went to a wedding in State College, about 40 minutes from Boo’s hometown. Boo drove into the city Thursday night and we planned to get an early start Friday morning. We slept in a bit late and when we got to the car we found a ticket on the windshield.

It was because of this:

That’s a street sign, posting the parking hours, turned around so that it faces the sidewalk rather than the road. Nice NYC, real nice.

We finally hit the road and, thanks to summer Fridays, hit absolutely insane traffic. We thought the FDR was bad. Then we got to the Jersey Pike….

That is apparently what happens when 900 cars try to merge into 7 toll booth lanes…3 of which are EZ Pass only and none of which are clearly defined. YIKES!

Once we got rolling we were in pretty good shape. Except that it was really cold in the car. I couldn’t understand why, because when I looked, the AC was set here:

It took me about 3 or 4 times of adjusting it to realize that the reason my teeth were chattering out of my skull was because when I stopped looking, Boo switched the AC to here:

After 3 hours in the car, 4 hours awake, and no food in our systems, Boo and I told Mapquest to suck it and we ventured off our (mostly) clearly marked path in search of a Sheetz to satisfy our M.T.O. cravings. And satisfy we did:

I was so excited about having a Pretzel Meltz that I forgot until I was halfway through to document it. And yes, that is the BUCKET of Ringz. I don’t mess around when it comes to Sheetz. And don’t you DARE tell me Wawa is better. If you do, I’ll punch you in the kneecap. DON’T THINK I WON’T!

We made it home in one piece and only forgot 1 thing–the wedding card. No real crisis because we still needed to grab a bag big enough to stash our awkwardly sized gift. So off to Wal-Mart we went. We got in and out without a hitch. Then Boo’s car decided to play this really fun game it’s been playing lately and it refused to start. Apparently if it thinks you are trying to steal it, it just won’t start. What it will do is blink this light at you, so that you know It Means Business.

If the massively intimidating light doesn’t deter you from stealing the car, the sitting around for 10 minutes with the AC and radio on (yes, I realize that it doesn’t make ANY sense at all. Boo realizes too.) will deter you.

But shenanigans aside we made it to the wedding and had a really great time. Aren’t we fancy?

And before we left, I got my last little dose of puppy loving–just enough to last me until the next time we go home.

Ain’t she a sweet little puppy?

So that’s it. That’s the weekend in a nutshell. And I’m sorry that it took so long, but, well, I hope the pictures were at least worth it. And in case they weren’t, calm down, I’ll be back with a posting vengeance tomorrow.


13 thoughts on “In which Boo and I go to a wedding in State College

  1. im going to state college in october – it’s going to be a treck but i think i can handle it.

    and can i please have a bite of that pretzel sammy?

  2. Lauren: Thanks!! (American Eagle…and it was on sale! Makes it even cuter haha!)

    Alexa: Oh it’s worth the trek. And if you need any SC tips, I’m your girl!

    Kristen: NEVER apologize for being a dog person. But as such, you would love Boo’s house–Harley is only 1 of 4 dogs!

    MinD: We didn’t make it to The Salon. Besides, have you ever been to the civil engineering lodge @ Shaver’s Creek? Too many curves on that road to even attempt to keep down a Monkey Boy haha!

    Matt: Sheetz is the shit. That’s all there is to it.

    Apollo: Boo did! And I like saying shmiscuit too….

  3. I’ve never even heard of Sheetz! But from what I can see it is a TRAGEDY that there isn’t one here. A bucket of rings? Why does God hate me so much?

  4. Meg: Oh it really is a tragedy. The bucket of rings is one of the best creations on earth. God doesn’t hate you, he just wants to encourage you to move to the East Coast haha!

  5. One Thanksgiving I went with my ex and his family to visit his grandmother in bum fuck (can I say fuck on this blog?) Nowhereville. We didn’t expect the grocery stores to be closed. That year, Thanksgiving dinner was supplied by the friendly folks at SHEETZ.

  6. I also had a 2001 Grand Am that started doing that “I’m being stolen and won’t start for you” crap. Something that worked for me was to put the key in the ignition and go ahead and settle my purse, seatbelt, etc before trying to start the car. Glad to know I’m not the only one who had that problem!

  7. Dingo: It’s like a Thanksgiving miracle!

    Kez: Glad you liked Harley–and the hair! Thanks!

    Meagan: Ooh, that is good to know! Boo doesn’t have a purse (thank goodness, or we’d have to talk!) but I’m definitely going to pass the tip on to him!

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