I liked it better when it WAS Sim City

Sim City was one of the best computer games of my youth. Right up there with Oregon Trail. It totally ruled.

I’m not ashamed to admit that I logged a lot of hours bulldozing, building, and rebuilding after some stupid natural disaster wrecked my town. (Really, who could have predicted in a town with NO fire department that a massive blaze would come tearing through to destroy everything? Not me.)

Back in those days, in it’s early years, it really was simple. Don’t get on my case, I know that the “sim” really stood for simulated or some nonsense like that, but I make a valid point and you all know it. For the first few years, it was like moving around Monopoly pieces. Or Legos. Everything was modular and fit together very nicely. It made things easy. But it was still fun. I mean, how is a modular park made out of modular trees not a good time?

Then, as with most good things from my childhood, someone felt the need to update Sim City. To make it fancy. And then, slapping my simple happy childhood in the face, to add people to it. Sure, it might be fun to make a Sim version of myself and put it into my Sim house and let it drive my Sim car. But I can do all those things in real life. (Car excluded…damn city….). I don’t need to sit inside and make my Simmed self ride a bike or feed a Sim dog.

Keep your fancy Sims. I’ll stick to the modular joy of my younger years, thank you very much.


10 thoughts on “I liked it better when it WAS Sim City

  1. I didnt have enough patience for sim city.

    I like “the sims” though. Probably because you can go out and party and take girlies in the hot tub.

    That kind of gaming is fun.

  2. I don’t know why but I specifically built cities for the sole purpose of getting destroyed by Godzilla. This was amazingly satisfying.

    Unlike when all my Oregon Trail folks died of polio. That made me sad.

  3. I made my roommates and I into Sim Characters once. It was weird when you accidentally starved one and it died. We stopped playing shortly after that.

    But man, Oregon Trail? The BEST.

  4. I am ashamed to admit that I was once obsessed with the Sims. I had to force myself to throw out the cd and not install it on my new computer because I knew it could only end in me being homeless.

  5. I LOVED Sim City. I wrote an entry about it last month and how it was the glory of my youth.

    I was Mayor. I was God. And I could destroy my town with that menacing laser monster if I wanted to.

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