The results are in….

There would be more to this but since work is totally getting in the way of my personal life this week (that is a joke by the way, calm down everyone), all I can manage for right now is pictures.

This is how I went in to Devachan Salon Friday morning:





And this is how I came out Friday afternoon:

Bad lighting aside, what do we think?


14 thoughts on “The results are in….

  1. It’s cute!

    I like it a lot.

    How do you feel about chopping your hair off?

    I always think it’s a great idea and then I come home crying and vowing never to cut it again. And then I drink a lot of vodka and go online to shop for wigs.

  2. Apollo: Thank you!

    Matt: The cheesy smile? Yeah, that’s my normal picture smile :P

    Kristen: Thanks! Normally, I feel totally amputated but for some reason this cut is not having that effect. Sure I feel 15 lbs lighter, but I haven’t wanted to cry yet.

    notsojenny: Thank you!! And post-salon hair is THE best!

    Meg: Thank you!!

  3. I like the short hair! (As does a fellow reporter here in MoTown.) You’re much braver than I… I won’t let a scissors snip more than an inch from my locks. Short hair makes my face look pudgy (Who am I kidding? Pudgier.).

  4. BloodRedRoses: Thanks for digging both hair and blog! I didn’t know if I’d be brave enough for short hair until they’d already cut half of it off!!

    MinD: Thanks to you both! And stop lying–you do not have a pudgy face miss!!

  5. Ahh!! I love that you commented on my article about having amazingly out of control hair because, you’re right, your hair is JUST like mine. But seriously, that new cut is fabulous on you!

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