Today is Friday…

…And you know what that means! Summer Friday for me but since I’m going to spend the next few hours around a design table, I’m going to keep this short and sweet.

Everybody enjoy your weekend!

And get excited for Monday when I post the before/after pics from this afternoon’s hair cut and can FINALLY stop obsessing about it!


8 thoughts on “Today is Friday…

  1. I loved this. My Mom hates it for the simple fact that I called her and begged her to search the dusty boxes in the attic for my old kaleidoscope. Who knew childhood toys could make such a delicious meal?

  2. Where do you go (salon-wise, not everywhere)?

    I still haven’t recovered from the fact that the woman who cut my hair for years has moved. (To LA of all places.)

  3. @ everybody….

    Thanks so much for all of the good luck wishes! I’m digging the result so I hope everyone else does when I post the pictures on Monday!!!

    And I’m glad the video was a hit. It makes me look at the random crap around my apartment in a much better light. I mean, who knew that my Post-It obsession could be good for something else?

  4. Jessica: I went to Devachan for this cut b/c they specialize in curls. When I walked in they were filming for Tim Gunn’s Guide to Style so clearly it was a good call to go there! But if you’ve got curls I would DEFINITELY suggest you try them out!

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