Keep it in your bathroom, please

There are certain behaviors, activities really, that should always be contained to the room they were designated for.  For this example, let’s use the bathroom, shall we? (Avoiding, of course, the very obvious behavior….)  Brushing your teeth should only happen in the bathroom (yes Matthew McConaughey, I’m talking to you).  Flossing should only happen in the bathroom.  Well sure, there are exceptions to this rule.  You can wash your hands at any sink, it doesn’t need to be a bathroom sink.  You can even sanitize them on the go with any variety of hand sanitizing products.  You could, for example, pull out a bottle of Purell on the subway.

You cannot, however, do what this woman did:

What’s that?  You couldn’t tell what she was doing?  You just can’t believe your eyes?  Let me clear it up for you:

Yeah huh!  She is CLIPPING HER FINGERNAILS.  This is not an okay thing to do.  This is not one of the exceptional activities that can be taken out of the bathroom.

This is gross.

You’ll notice the man next to her is actually turned away.  He practically climbed over the bar when he heard the first “clip!”  I practically threw up in my mouth.  And I heard it OVER my iPod, which somehow makes it even worse.

What was she thinking here?  What was the logic?  And what was the next step?  Okay lady, you’ve got a big ol’ pile of nail clippings, what are you going to do next?

Are you going to put them in your purse?  Because that is pretty gross.  It is also unsanitary.

Are you going to throw them on the floor?  Because that is really gross.  It is also unsanitary.

Are you going to cup them in your hand until you exit the train and then sprinkle them, nonchalantly, as you walk away?  Because that is still sort of gross.  And even for New York subway stations, I am inclined to believe it is unsanitary.

Are you going to cup them in your hand until you exit the train and then throw them out?  Because, while that is still a little gross, it is probably your best option.  I just hope you don’t bump into anyone and accidentally drop the little goodies from your hand.

I’m not really sure what made this woman think this was something that was Acceptable Train Behavior but she clearly needs a lesson in subway etiquette.


11 thoughts on “Keep it in your bathroom, please

  1. I’m SO hating all these reports of gratuitious nailclipping experiences! Not that you’re reporting them, but the fact that they’re happening at all! EW, people!

  2. Did she see you taking the picture? That should have shamed her into stopping.

    Nail clipping in public. Yuck, gross, must be stopped. But not as bad as flossing in public. That goes beyond nasty.

  3. Ben: I didn’t realize the clipping was gratuitous. I’m kind of upset to learn this wasn’t an isolated incident of nastiness.

    Dingo: I normally try to be stealth about my picture taking but for hope of shame I didn’t hide my efforts AT ALL but she would not be stopped.

  4. This is a growing epidemic.

    I saw a woman filing her nails on the train the other day, and it was almost worse than clipping, because she was taking off quite a bit of length and imposing a vomit-inducing amount of her DNA dust all over us.

    That said, I brush my teeth all over my house. (Of course, I still spit in the sink.)

  5. I’m sure her excuse is that she is just too busy, but, I’m sorry, nobody, NOBODY, is so busy that they can’t find time to clip their nails in the appropriate place: the bathroom.


  6. Banishing nail clippers from airplanes ranks as the only demonstrable benefit TSA has brought to air travel. However, anyone who has logged a bit of time playing Whack-A-Mole knew this would happen. Guessing from that two-bag ensemble she carries the clipper must fancy herself as a classy professional. Riiiight….

    Raising the visibility of this scourge is the first step in eliminating it – this post is a real community service.

  7. Ugh. Could she REALLY not wait just a few minutes and do it in the bathroom of wherever it was she was headed???? Completely unnecessary!

  8. Jessica: Filing her nails? Ew, that IS worse.

    Meg: I know!! If you are that busy you really need to drop SOMETHING from your schedule.

    DoD: Oh you know she thought she was bis profesh. And, as always, this blogger does what she can to help society.

    Apollo: As long we don’t have see someone ACTUALLY pair these 2 activities. I think that would be super unsanitary.

    Matt: As they should.

    Kez: That’s what I’m saying!! I KNOW you’ve got a bathroom in your office, lady.

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