One year ago today…

A year ago today I was up, at the ass crack of dawn, after 4 hours of sleep (thank you night shift…I am glad I don’t work in newspapers anymore), and getting ready to go to the airport.  When I got to the airport, I did the unthinkable–I made a TSA employee laugh–before 8am.  The laughing itself is a skill but before 8am?  I should have gotten a freaking medal for that.

I had just enough time to grab an issue of one of the magazines I was interviewing with and my dad and I hopped on the plane.   Shortly before 9am the Statue of Liberty came into sight.

It was my first trip to NYC since the age of 9.  Running on no sleep and with 3 job interviews in 2 days I was basically a hot mess.

So what have I done in the city since then?  Well, I turned down positions at 2 pretty prestigious companies and worked at 3 other pretty prestigious companies.  I went apartment hunting and found a pretty sweet place to live.  I’ve navigated the subways and the Metro North.  I have managed not to kill anyone.  And believe me, I’ve had opportunities to do so.

From waking up last year to waking up this year, I’d say I’m doing all right.




*Note: I’m sorry this is lacking any entertainment value but it’s been a busy week over here and I forgot to upload the picture that is kind of integral to what I really wanted to write about.  And since it HAS been a year, I thought this was allowed.  Plus, I promise to be funny again tomorrow!


14 thoughts on “One year ago today…

  1. Apollo: In all fairness, I didn’t actually move out until September but since it was the anniversary of my first trip as an adult (and I am lacking inspiration) I thought it appropriate. But thanks! I’m glad I made it (almost) a year!

  2. Completely allowed. Congratulations on surviving (almost) a year in New York. If it were me I’d probably either be behind bars or homeless.

  3. hey ! congrats on one year in NYC :) how you hangout in the city proper is beyond me..

    Im glad you didnt kill anyone(yet) though.. but give it a couple years. with age comes senility, and desperation.

  4. Sarah: I’m biding my time. I’d like one calendar year under my belt (which will officially be September…the whole process of fully getting myself here took time!) before I resort to murder!

    Katelin: Thank you, thank you!

  5. You haven’t killed anyone yet? Well, you’re not a true New Yorker then. You can get honorary membership though if you’ve at least wished death upon a couple of people.

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