Watch out, here I come

I am going to blatantly violate one of Chris’ cardinal rules and talk (briefly) about my dream last night.


I had this dream last night and at some point I looked down at my right wrist and realized that I was missing my bracelet.  Well, that was okay because I don’t always wear my bracelet.  Maybe I was running dream errands so I didn’t think I needed it, I’m not sure.  Then I looked down at my left wrist and realized that I was missing my watch.  I started freaking out.


That was painless, wasn’t it?  And it was necessary for me to make my point.  I never, ever, NEVER, unless the world is ending and my watch is melting into a puddle of silver goo, leave the house without my watch.  I can’t stand it.  It’s like a security blanket for me.  I can’t go anywhere without it.  I am obsessed with my watch.  I like knowing that it’s there, whenever I need it, and that I can check the time no matter where I am.  I am not the type of person who can just rely on a cell phone, partly because when I was at Elle, it wasn’t exactly feasible to have my cell phone w/in an arm’s reach all day.  I was running around the city or around the office and the pockets of my skinny jeans were not conducive to shoving a cell phone in.

I’ve tried to let it go before, but I’ve never been successful.  I experienced serious separation anxiety when I had wrist surgery and couldn’t wear the watch for a month.  Eventually I had to just switch to the other wrist because I couldn’t operate without my watch.

I’m not sure what it is about the watch either.  Some people can go a whole day without a watch, and it won’t bother them.  If they forget it in the morning, they’ll shrug it off and head in to work or off to class.  Not me.  I have turned back on more than one occasion to go get my beloved time piece.  If I am leaving the house, I have to be wearing my watch.

I can’t even wear “fashion” watches.  I have some very adorable watches.  One to match when I feel like I’d rather wear gold accessories.  One that is covered in faux bling.  But they aren’t the same.  Unless they are my normal, day-to-day watch, I am thrown off completely by trying to tell time on them.  I just can’t handle it.

I’ll probably be walking down the aisle in my little silver Seiko.  It can be my something old.


9 thoughts on “Watch out, here I come

  1. I feel this way about whatever book I’m reading, which doesn’t make sense because I can’t tell time on it, but I can not leave the house without it. I can’t remember the last time I wore a watch…in fact, I don’t even know where it is.

  2. i am obsessed with wearing a watch too. granted i really need to find a gold one or one i can wear when i’m wearing gold jewelry. i’m not one to clash silver and gold, i’m weird like that.

  3. Meg: Haha that’s fair–I have the same issues with my chapstick. Can’t tell time on that either but have to have it with me at all times!

    Katelin: I can’t clash either–that’s why I have the gold fash watch! Just make sure you vibe with it or you’ll never end up wearing it!

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