Your behavior towards others is actually annoying me

I see a lot of shit on the subways. No one seems to know how to behave. I’m not sure if they think that the normal rules of society don’t apply because they are underground or what, but it’s definitely something people need to work on.

I could write a book about all of the things people have done to me on trains, including the creeper who grazed my arm (and was lucky I didn’t have a knife on me) and the old man who thought it was okay to step on me twice and then shoulder me in the face and not say “excuse me” or “sorry” once.

But today I saw something so appalling that it threw off my whole blogging plan for the day. I had this great post in mind about the hair crisis I’m currently suffering and I can’t even stick to that because I am so…bemused, astonished, shocked, annoyed, dumbfounded by this chick that I have to write about it.

She charged onto the train around 59th street. She flopped down into the first seat inside the door and then crossed her leg so violently (w/o looking to see who else might be trying to get on the train) and she kicked a woman so hard that the poor thing almost went straight down. Miss Bitchtastic didn’t even offer an apology. She just looked away like it didn’t happen. Crossed legs are not even proper train etiquette (and rightly so for space issues).

More people filtered onto the (already over-crowded rush hour) train and another woman filtered in to a spot in front of BT and kept getting kneed in the derriere. She handled this, uh, violation of personal space very well and kept her mouth shut. I would have made the beeyotch put her foot down or I would have offered to put my foot elsewhere. Eventually though BT put her foot down. Not b/c she realized it was the right thing to do, no. She did it after a grossly over-exaggerated sigh, the cause of which was HER personal space being invaded.

At 42nd a mother and daughter boarded the train.  The mom was able to grab a seat after 33rd but she still wanted to keep tabs on her kid (and fair enough, this is NYC after all).  She made an attempt to get her kid’s attention and BT got all huffy, glared at the mom, and threw her hand in front of her face.  Moments later, the EXACT SAME situation happened.  It was like Adam Sandler was lurking in the corner with the remote from that crappy movie and he rewound the whole scenario.  Only thing that changed was the sigh was louder and the arm movement more drastic–she almost pushed the mom’s hand out of the way (an arm that was already a good foot and a half away from BT’s face…).

I’d had enough by this point.  I’d already produced a lot of shocked noises and eye rolls so this time I offered my seat to the daughter, who’d been able to move closer to her mom.  Then Mama and I chatted about how some people are Just Ridiculous when it comes to their behavior.

As if all her prior offenses weren’t bad enough as the train rolled into 23rd st BT stood up (while the train was still moving) and SHOVED everyone near her out of her way.  She didn’t mutter one “excuse me” or “sorry.”  She just bulldozed these people out of the way like she was the only person on the train.

Stuff like this pisses me off to no end.  I hate people who feel they are so privileged that the rules of common decency don’t apply to them.  I hate rude people.  And I HATE people who get in the way of a mom and her kid–I’m a huge mama’s girl and I do NOT tolerate mama haters.

I looked for Miss Bitchtastic once we surfaced.  I kind of planned to shove her into oncoming traffic if I got the chance.  Sadly (for me, not so much for her) BT bolted so fast out of the station that even if she’d been walking my direction I doubt I would have been able to catch up to her.

And that…is the real shame.


7 thoughts on “Your behavior towards others is actually annoying me

  1. Wow – what a bitch! You showed more maturity than me, I would’ve probably said something to her and then we would’ve fought or something.

    So good for you.

  2. Ben: I don’t think enough people are being shanked actually. This may be something to look into….

    Apollo: My only reason for keeping my mouth shut is that I never know who might, well to keep it on topic, shank me for yapping. If I weren’t afraid of losing life or limb I’d be snotting people off left and right in this city.

  3. I LOATHE train-etiquette ignorers; and too often, glaring isn’t enough, so unfortunately I’ve said a few somethings to certain assholes who went way over the civility line.

    (I really need to watch out for the shank.)

    In a city with this many people, we rely on the golden rule to mostly avoid killing each other. I’ll never understand how so many people feel that they’re above it.

  4. Jessica: EXACTLY!! I’m so glad that you have said things. Sure it won’t change anything for the all the Miss BT’s out there, but it’ll make US feel better and that’s gotta count for something!

  5. Kez: Total cow! But the dude I saw this morning trumped her. He actually cussed out a blind guy who accidentally hit him with his umbrella. Well he got his, because then he got cussed out by a girl half his size and half his age….ME! I can only take so much.

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