Sleep: it’s what’s for dinner

The first thing I said this morning, when I woke up an annoying 2 minutes before my alarm, was “EFF!” I’m not even censoring. It was just….eff. I was so disappointed to be awake that I couldn’t even fully cuss.

My favorite activity in the world is sleep. And I’m practically a professional. In college, a friend of mine actually suggested that I major in sleep. During my freshman year I can cite at least 2 examples of having gone to bed at 6pm and not getting up until noon the next day, neither of which was when I had mono.

I was the queen of napping. An expert. The best. I scheduled my classes around what would be the best sleeping situation. Even the semesters I was subjected to 8am classes (and let me tell you, 8am Spanish is NOT a good idea) I was able to be back in bed right after lunch for a good 3 hour snooze.

As I moved up in the major and classes had more of a fixed schedule, I still found time to sleep. With just an hour and a half I could make it back to my apartment, eat lunch, sleep for 20-30 minutes and be to my next class on time.

And yes, even though I’m not necessarily proud of it, I even found ways to snooze while class was in session.*

I could sleep through anything too. I slept through my cell phone ringing, on high volume (which on that phone was a deafening high) and not even flinch. I could sleep through movie after movie. I even slept through a party that was going on in my apartment.

Before you judge me for that last bit, know that I take my sleeping VERY seriously. I was thrown all of last summer when I had that bizarre night schedule but even then I managed to squeeze a nap into my day. I would forgo nights at the bar in favor of passing out at 11. I like to be in bed by 10:30 every work night and preferably already sleeping by that time.

And it’s nice to know that, even though I’m out of college, I’ve still got it. Just last weekend alone I reminded myself of what a champion sleeper I am. Half day on Friday, nap from 4:30-7:00, asleep for the night by 10:30, awake the next morning around 11. Then I started all over again with a 5-7:30 nap, 11:30 bedtime and noon wake-up on Sunday. And I still managed to be asleep by 11 on Sunday night.

Man…all this talk about sleeping has made me a little….*yawn* sleepy….





*(Okay, wait, are my parents gone yet? Dude, I was TOTALLY proud of that! I was the master at it. I had the technique, the position, everything, down to the way I propped the pen in my hand so it would look like I had just paused in my note-taking.)


10 thoughts on “Sleep: it’s what’s for dinner

  1. I sleep like that too. I get up really early, but it’s not unheard of for me to go to bed at 7:00 and sleep as late as 6:00am.

    I’d go a lot longer but I have a kid.

    My reccommendation to you is never to have a kid. They totally eff your sleeping up.

  2. Kristen: I’m already concerned about having a kid b/c of what it will do to my sleeping patterns. In fact, I’m concerned about getting a dog for the same reasons…

    Matt: You have no idea.

  3. I am the complete opposite. I can never nap because I sleep terribly, so I need to be as tired as possible to fall asleep at night. And even then I wake up at least twice a night.

    It sucks.

  4. Ugh. Lucky. I need pitch black, no noise, dog on one side, newf on the other, or I’m toast. I might as well not even go to bed otherwise. Seriously, you have a sleeping superpower indeed!

    Thanks for the comment today :)

  5. Ben: Maybe that’s what I should have told Chris my super power would be…. Also, I’m going to recommend the BB to you too!

    You’re very welcome for the comment and thanks for showing love back!

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