False fire alarm dance party!!

Last Wednesday afternoon our air-raid siren of a fire alarm went off.  No one got up.  No one seemed like they were planning on getting up either.  And fair enough.  It was hot out there so if we could stay inside, why not?  Moments later a voice crackled over the P.A. system that I didn’t know we had and told us to remain inside the building while they investigated the cause of the alarm.  While that didn’t seem to be the wisest of plans in case of an actual emergency it suited me just fine and I stayed put.  The alarm stopped, the voice returned and told us to just ignore the alarm.

2 hours later and it was back.  Whooooooop whoooooooop!  And the voice was back and told us to remain inside while the cause was investigated.  Minutes later and it told us to just ignore the alarm.  Sure, why not.

Thursday afternoon, around the same time it’d happened on Wednesday we all heard “whooooooop whoooooop!”  And the voice crackled through and didn’t even bother to tell us it was investigating the cause just told us to ignore it.

Try as I might I couldn’t help but be transported back to high school, when the alarms went off in our building so frequently that our TV class turned it into a feature piece on our Friday morning show (and yes, that IS  me dancing in the pimp hat).

[Video courtesy of Barr; long-time friend, videographer and the fireman you just saw….]

But lets face facts.  TV spoofs aside we all love fire alarms.  Remember elementary school?  Fire drills were the BEST.  You got to get up and go outside and it WASN’T EVEN RECESS!  You wasted at least 20 minutes of the day and if you were lucky, it happened during math.  Then there was the bus fire drill day–everyone’s favorite.  The bus stopped in front of the school, the back doors opened and the cool 5th grade boys helped everyone jump out the back of the bus.  What was not to like here?

So I’m hoping that at some point this afternoon our alarm WILL go off again.  Because when it does, I know just what techno beats I’m gonna blast to get the party started.


10 thoughts on “False fire alarm dance party!!

  1. Kristen: I’ll keep my fingers crossed that you do!

    Apollo: Oh don’t worry, I WILL teach you those moves. And don’t act like you aren’t jealous of my pimp hat.

  2. Heather: Oh we were definitely prepared. I mean, we even had our own fireman handy. And a cop. And a poorly but humorously dressed Indian.

    Kez: Thank you, thank you! Though in all fairness, the pimp hat did belong to Barr.

  3. To All:

    If you missed the video, I’m sorry. YouTube are being a bunch of bitches and took it down for the use of the Y.M.C.A. I blame the Village People. Psh, I didn’t even like them ANYWAY.

    Meanwhile, Barr is working on posting elsewhere and if he can I’ll let you know!

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