Christmas in July? Well that BETTER be all it is…

I’m starting to get a little cranky. What about? Let me tell you.

So while Boo and I were being tourists at Block Island (I promise this is the last time I’ll mention BI. And to a certain special someone, I promise we’ll let you know the next time we are in RI. And Google be damned, we will find you!) I bought a Christmas ornament. This was a perfectly acceptable purchase as vacation etiquette calls for the purchase of ornaments no matter the season. So it didn’t bother me that there was a giant Christmas tree in your face when you stepped into this shop.

Then we got home. And while running some errands on Sunday we passed a Hallmark. And what was right in my face? A Christmas display.

In July.

Now what I am hoping is that this was a merely a clever sales ploy that was hoping to bank on the concept of “Christmas in July.” You may recall that I take my Christmas marketing very seriously. I would have been pretty pissed to find out that this was just a VERY early attack plan.

Then I got back to the city. And as I was leaving work the other night I walked passed the Hallmark. And WHAT was RIGHT IN MY FACE???



Okay, just breathe. Don’t strangle the employees setting it up. It isn’t their fault. It must be a corporate thing. I’m STILL hoping that this will just prove itself to be a “C.I.J.” deal. But come August, if the ornament tables are still in the front windows and the tree is still set up in the entrance, I’m going ballistic.

The dancing Santas won’t stand a chance.


8 thoughts on “Christmas in July? Well that BETTER be all it is…

  1. Kez: It hurts, right? Like I understand that it’s a, as my good friend Charlie Brown put it, totally commercial holiday, but 6 months prior? That just seems excessive.

    Apollo: Hell yeah you’re coming. I’m going to need someone to drive the getaway car and I KNOW that you are the man for that job.

  2. Not. Cool. If this means I have to start thinking about what presents I need to buy than I am going to LOSE IT!

  3. Oh. This gets me so fired up I want to punch some stuff right now!

    If you want to buy a pair of shorts that are not either a size 0 or a 27 you’re fucked because there’s nothing left. They’re putting the snowsuits out now and so THAT’S what you’ll be wearing to the beach. Not. shorts.

    If you wanted shorts you had to buy them back in February and March.

    What is going on???

  4. Matt: I’m glad you feel my pain!

    Meg: Oh no way. I will skip presents all together if I have to start planning now.

    Kristen: It’s unacceptable! I hadn’t even shed my winter pounds by the time shorts were in stores. How am I supposed to work with this?!?

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