Watching people get hit on

I love to watch people get hit on.  I love it so much, that I wrote an article about it that you can read here.

The subway has been extremely helpful in pursuing this past time of mine.  Then, yesterday, a fun thing happened.  I watched myself get hit on.  Um, wait, that didn’t make sense.  I got hit on.  There, that’s better.

This is not the first time I have been hit on on the subway.  In fact, within 3 weeks of living in the city I got asked to coffee on my commute home (ooh, Boo, sorry if I forgot to tell you that story.  I didn’t go. So, we’re cool).  But this, uh, hit, was the best I’ve seen in quite awhile.

It all started because I was trying to figure out what this guy was. Was he Italian?  Was he Hispanic?  Was he just really tan?  He had an interesting look and I was perplexed so I kept glancing over to see if I could decipher some sort of nationality.

At one point, I looked up and he was eagle-eyeing me.  It was a little intense.  And quite a stare.  I looked away because I always feel like I got caught looking at people even if the eye contact was inadvertent.  But I looked up again b/c I wanted to see if he was still looking.  He was.  And this time he gave me a heads up.  I looked down again b/c I’m not trying to initiate things on the train.

But then I realized that I was standing at the end of the train car with my back to the doors that you are not allowed to cross through but people do anyway because they like to break the rules.  Given that fact, I thought his “heads up” might have been literal.  I had my iPod in.  I could have been on the verge of losing my backing and plummeting out of the car and that would have been a Very Bad Thing (calm down, people, I ran my use of capitalization by Chris before I did it).

So I glanced behind me to see if someone WAS trying to travel into my car and there was no one there.  So I looked back.  And this time, he gave a DOUBLE heads up.  A DOUBLE heads up.  Then I realized…wait…he is not giving me a heads up, he is NUZZLING his muscle to try and get me to look at it.  Well come on now, what kind of girl can turn that down?  So I bit.  Not literally because that would be a highly inappropriate thing to do.  I just looked at his “muscle.”  I gave it quotes for a reason.  When I saw the muscle I realized that it was not much bigger than mine.  And I have scrawny arms.

I lost it.  I looked down again to stop myself from laughing uncontrollably.  Luckily some dude plowed onto the train just then and parked himself in front of me (nearly elbowing me in the face in the process.  It is HARD to be short!).  So my view of everything totally obstructed I resorted to looking out of the window and trying to people watch via reflections.  (I’m not creepy, I just like to people watch.)  While I was looking, he managed to catch my eye IN HIS REFLECTION!  I didn’t even think that was possible but now that I know it is I am utterly creeped out!

Despite this guy’s uber-intensive stare and sad-but-true muscle situation, I still chalked it up to a good trip home.  I love to watch people get hit on.  Even if it’s me.


7 thoughts on “Watching people get hit on

  1. No NYer can be called creepy for people watching. (Well, okay, SOME can.) But there are too many entertaining opportunities to refrain.

    (Btw, it sounds like you missed out big time, not leaving with this guy.)

  2. Jessica: It’s true. It’s just constant free entertainment in this city.

    Apollo: Ah. May. Zing.

    Matt: Yessir I was a Nittany Lion! Also, I agree. But only if it is properly executed.

  3. Wow, he sounds like a keeper. I hope you got his number just in case – or at least for your single girl friends!

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