Before I get down to business…

I’ve been watching Vh1 the past few mornings. And I’ve been having total flashbacks to living in the Hamilton house and watching music videos before class during one of the summers I spent at State College. But aside from the joys of nostalgia I forgot how much I love music videos. Sometimes I just love them because I love the song. But then I saw this video from Weezer for their song Pork and Beans and it’s probably the best thing I’ve seen in awhile.

So if you’ve ever spent any time on the Internet (and let’s face it, you’re all here, aren’t you? So I KNOW you’ve spent time online…) or if you live and breathe to insert pop culture references into daily life, then you’ll definitely dig this vid:


5 thoughts on “Before I get down to business…

  1. Yes, my IST department here at work dont like me to watch any fun videos…so I too, must wait until I get home.

  2. Kristen/Matt: I had to post from home b/c I can’t see the videos at work either! Also, YouTube was being kind of a bitch this morning so you might be better off waiting….

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