You can cancel the show but you’ll never cancel the lines…

Today I have impressed/scared myself.

In under 2 hours I made 2 references to Full House.  A “You got it dude” and a “How rude!”  And I haven’t watched Full House in, well, I can’t think of the last time Uncle Jesse’s presence graced my TV.

What is it about the shows you watched as a kid that makes the lines from them (A) impossible to forget and (B) super necessary to include in dialogue if given even the tiniest opportunity?

For example, “Life’s tough, get a helmet.”  How many times have you been tempted to say that to your friends when they start whining about their coworkers or teachers or roommates?

And there’s nothing like a good “*snort snort snort* did I do thaaaat?”  if you spill or break something.  This is of course made funnier when alcohol is involved.

I don’t know that kids today have it so good.  I mean, how easy is “sweet niblets” going to be to insert into conversation?  Or, um, you know…that other stuff those kids are watching.  I’m not “hip”, okay, I’m not “with it” with the young crowd so I don’t know their sayings anymore.

But are you buying what I’m selling here?  Something about the classics…it seems that we just can’t shake them.

Moral of this shortest of stories?  If it was on TGIF, it is probably quotable.


7 thoughts on “You can cancel the show but you’ll never cancel the lines…

  1. i still watch full house reruns whenever i see them on tv.

    and how awesome was TGIF?!?! step by step, family matter, perfect strangers!


  2. I have something to confess, and after I tell you this I hope that we can still be iFriends.

    I hate Full House. Absolutely hate it. Always have and always will.


    Still friends?

  3. Alexa: Family Matters is now on Nick @ Night for your viewing pleasure.

    Apollo: You were a boy. I think that was a girly show. I’ll allow it. Still friends.

    Matt: David Coolier, you rock my world. In that You Have A Mullet kind of way…

  4. this is totally off subject…but one of you has to know. Especially Lauren since you sometimes type in that shorthand language (forgot what it’s called).

    what does the i stand for in ipod or “ifriend” or iwhatever. I dont get it? I need help.

    and also, is the a difference between ifriend or efriend.

  5. Matt: Chris and I had a little chat about this and to inform…

    I think when I use it as in “ifriend” i just mean Internet friend
    ipod i think it’s for like, “individual pod”
    like you are an independent, stylish person

    Everybody cool? Cool….

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