The Fourth…in photos!

Unfortunately, none of these will be nearly as awesome as my hot dog picture from last year.

The weekend started with us buying all of the essentials; namely tequila, margarita mix and stuff for quesadillas. Boo and I didn’t exactly get the memo about this being an “American” holiday. Whatever. Those quesadillas were delicious.

Friday morning we tried to make eggs for breakfast. Instead, I dropped all of the eggs (just purchased the night before) and cried about it:

So, since we were feeling lazy at that point (and since I was still pouting like a 4-year-old) we went to Dunkin Donuts, our favorite breakfast fall back.

On the way out of Boo’s apartment complex, we saw some turkeys. They were clearly celebrating the fact that this was NOT a holiday they could get eaten and they were very brazen. After we took pictures, I gobbled at them and Boo honked the horn. That seemed to piss them off.

There were more than just those 2, but the other cars in the complex, filled with drivers who were less dorky than Boo and me, scared them off.

So we went and got ourselves filled with caffeine and greasy goodness:

Our tummys full and the sky still looking, well, gross, we decided to go see Wall-E. (Um, have I mentioned that we are 4?)

Wall-E was totally awesome. If you haven’t seen it yet, go do it. Right now. I’m serious. It was hilarious and tear-jerking…and I haven’t cried at a Disney movie since Dumbo. Admittedly, Wall-E looked a little bit like E.T. at times and that freaked me out since I have a possibly irrational but completely real fear of that wrinkly little extra terrestrial, but childhood fears aside, the movie was bangin’.

On Friday night we watched fireworks from Boo’s balcony. And took bad pictures of ourselves (the flash was not kind, but isn’t he cute?!):

Saturday it was still threatening to monsoon at any given moment so this is what we did all day:



Yeah, there’s not an image missing. We just didn’t do anything all day. Around 8:50 we rallied and ventured to Hartford for more fireworks (scheduled to start at 9:00….). There were so many small children and obnoxious parents and glowstick vendors that before we were out of the car for 5 minutes we were in need of liquor. So we went to the bar at the Marriott and treated ourselves to a cucumber-infused (all the rage in Europe, so said the bartender) gin and gingerale.

Calm down though. We made it to the fireworks eventually:

*This is where I would have inserted a cool movie of the fireworks but I’m not exactly smart enough to get them from Boo’s camera to my computer. Sorry. I’m still not tech-savvy.*

By the time Sunday came around we were so exhausted that all we could manage to do was watch the SVU marathon on USA. Cuz, you know, we love us some sex crime drama.

All in all it was a good weekend. Not the most American weekend as we spent most of it ingesting Mexican food and/or drink, but for a rainy 4th, we didn’t do half bad.


6 thoughts on “The Fourth…in photos!

  1. All weekend my husband referred to the 4th of July as Thanksgiving. (sign of a stroke?) Anyway, those would’ve been some unlucky turkeys over here.

  2. I am drinking some Dunkin Donuts caffeine right now and it is delicious! Don’t see many turkeys in CO, but I did see a stray dog on the way there.

    BTW, You guys look awesome together.

  3. Jessica: Hm. That’s fairly unfortunate but I wouldn’t vote stroke. Yet. Just male, um, confusion. Yeah, that’s it.

    Matt: DD is the way to be. Also, thanks for the compliment!

    Kristen: Oh, I wasn’t necessarily neglecting compassion when I said they were pissed…merely stating that my gobble was not as enticing as a female turkey’s would have been and thus they were angry. But I’d be pissed too if I thought I had a shot at getting lucky and it was just a car horn.

    Apollo: Play nice! (But seriously, they were SO mocking me before I mocked them…no doubt about it!)

  4. I’ll have to warn my sister about Wall-E – she is taking my nephew this week and she is insanely afraid of ET.

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