My building knows how to par-tay

Yesterday my rental company was celebrating an anniversary that they didn’t exactly specify. But I was totally cool with it because they gave us presents! When the roommate left in the morning she came back in with a bag of presents! Oh, you can imagine the excitement! I mean, presents…on a Wednesday…in the middle of the summer! It’s like the Christmas in July I’ve always wanted! JOY!

We opened the bag and….

For nerds this was like, the best gift ever! A big block of paper! SWEET!

I tore the plastic covering off, ready to stick my new, surely Post-It quality, pieces of paper all over the apartment–wait.


What the hell?! NO POST-ITS!?!

This is just regular paper. What the crap am I supposed to do with regular paper? I mean, come on guys, it’s like you barely even tried! Was this the anniversary of you being stingy with the gift giving?

As some of you know, I happen to be, well, obsessed with Post-Its.  I take them very seriously.  VERY seriously.

So how could you get my hopes up like that and not even spring for the little sticky strip on the back of the paper?  How could you do it…it just breaks my heart.



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