Who are you trying to fool, Lisa Turtle?

I watched Saved By The Bell this morning and it was the episode where Zack and Slater prolonged the teacher’s strike so they can take a day off of school and go on a ski trip. They brought Screech with them too—even though he was training for the Academic Bowl. Screech was the Academic Bowl team captain over Jessie Spano and, get this, LISA TURTLE.

Does no one else find this odd? At one point Lisa had to get tutored by a freshman (who ended up being a pretentious snob and who, after declaring A.C. Slater a Neanderthal, got dumped by Lisa at a dance). There were geeks galore in this school. What about the nerds who ran the school store into the ground, nearly costing Kelly Kapowski her job? What about the geeks who were in the rap remake of Snow White. What about Violet Anne Bickerstaff?

What happened to all of these nerds that allowed Lisa to get a spot on this team? And why did she even want to be there? She only took the SATs to get into design school. She was a self-proclaimed fashionista, diva and spoiled princess. So why was she suddenly concerning herself with academics?

To further the mind trip that is this episode, Zack was forced to take Screech’s place on the team when he was hospitalized post-ski trip. Somehow Zack, who never seemed to pay attention in class—or actually attend class—was able to learn enough to tie his team with Valley’s (the only other school in all of California apparently). I highly doubt that that was possible. But even if he wasn’t up to snuff, Jessie and Lisa were able to get the team far enough along. How? I know that Jessie was a brain, but where was Lisa pulling this information from? Seriously.

It just doesn’t make sense to me. I realize that SBTB is based solely on the suspension of disbelief, but come on Bayside—Lisa on the Academic Bowl team might be jumping the shark a bit—even for you.


9 thoughts on “Who are you trying to fool, Lisa Turtle?

  1. Wow, I thought I knew my Saved By The Bell trivia, but it is obvious that you know waaaayyyy more than me.

    But I can tell you that Zack is actually quite smart. He just downplays it because that’s what the cool kids do.

  2. Matt: That’s fair. But let me ask, were you ever jealous of Screech?

    Meg: That’s my gift: useless TV knowledge of shows that were popular in my youth. Also, glad to know you think Zack was a stealth nerd…that’s clearly something I can get on board with.

  3. Matt: No one’s will. Trust me. I’ve got Spano hair. I’m screwed too.

    Apollo: I WILL NOT.

    Also, why are you boys not Kelly fans? Do you not get on board with stereotypical crushing?

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