Over or Under: How do you roll?

I know how I roll.

Under. All the way.

Well, except for my current situation. Now I roll over. But it bothers me EVERY time.

Toilet paper. It is the biggest hassle known to roommate-kind. From how you roll it (over vs. under) to who buys it (a 12-pack can not be followed by a 4-pack and things still considered EQUAL. THEY ARE NOT!) to what kind is best (Charmin–thick as a towel and half the quantity per roll of other brands; Scott Thick–comfortably plush and ample quantity; Regular Scott–thinner than paper but plenty sufficient and not uncomfortable, plus best bang for your buck).

In my apartment junior year there were 5 girls and 2 bathrooms. Each bathroom had its own toilet paper-purchaser rotation. Because I will NOT fill your TP if you squander. Granted, the front bathroom had it’s downside–E, Bia and I were generally the public bathroom so we ran through things quicker…plus, there were 3 of us. But all that aside, that apartment ran like a well-oiled machine.

Except that I was an under and Bia was an over. If I reloaded, you could bet it was going under. If she did it, you could bet it was going over. If E reloaded it, well, it was on the roll–she really couldn’t have cared less about a direction. One day, I was in a non-over-rolling mood. So I switched the roll. A few potty trips later I noticed that the roll had changed back. Well that’s fun. So I changed it back again. And yes, it changed itself back. Bia came up to me later in our living room and asked me if I changed the roll.


OMG! I thought that was you! Oh well, it doesn’t matter, I switched it back.


Then I moved. And I experienced my first battles with purchasing toilet paper. Suffice it to say, at one point we had no toilet paper in the bathroom and I was frat-housing a roll back and forth with me for about 2 weeks. But, that is a story for another day…. If we did manage to keep the roll full, I got to roll it whichever way I wanted–and that was all that mattered.

Then I moved again. Well, and again, because I lived at home while I worked in the ‘Burgh and I could do whatever I wanted with my roll. BUT THEN I moved to my current apartment. And the positioning of the roll and the toilet make it such that an under-roll just isn’t feasible. How bummed am I?! I love my under roll. And I can’t seem to break the habit. Sometimes I still catch myself loading it under-style.

So…how do you roll?

Cuz that’s how I roll.


14 thoughts on “Over or Under: How do you roll?

  1. Matt/Apollo: Not to clump you again, but is over just a guy thing? Is that the great mystery? Man, I hope not because that would have made that junior year apartment really weird…

  2. Apollo: You’d better not be punching anyone in the knees. That is a short-person standard attack move. I don’t want to think non-shorties are using that….

  3. Dude, Over all the way. So not it’s not just a boy thing. People who like the roll under are just plain weird. Sorry, just being real.

  4. Looks like majority rules here on over.

    And punching people’s knees is just a smart move. If you want someone to learn, punch them in the knees.

  5. OKAY! Since I am getting ganged up on, let me explain my “under” rationale.

    UNDER, the TP ALWAYS hangs, thus making it easier to grab. OVER, depending on where the roll stops, it takes more effort to start it.

    What this all comes down to, clearly, is laziness on my part.

    And I stand by that!

  6. I am a dedicated over-roller. The thing that sh*ts me is when visitors come over and change it. They are VISITING. Who do they think they are?!

  7. Boo: *shakes head…* That’s all I can even do.

    Kristen: I have faith, you guys can pull through. ESPECIALLY if you teach Girlfriend to be an over, then you win.

    Rachel: I’m sorry. I love me some under.

    Kez: Whoa! Visitors are NEVER allowed to change the roll. Well, they can change it if they are actually CHANGING the roll as in putting a new one on. B/c then it’s hard to say if it was over/under. But to just CHANGE the orientation of the paper…I don’t think so.

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