The water cooler

One thing I knew before I ever joined the work force was that people have conversations around the water cooler. I knew this because I watch a lot of TV and I am okay with that. It is a very reliable source of information.

Anyway, this morning I had my first water cooler conversation. Want to know what it was about?

Cool water.

I’m not even kidding. Our filtered water cooler was running like the Little Engine That Could last week. Filter clogs be damned that poor little guy made sure I could still fill a water bottle–even if it took me 5 minutes. This morning a colleague and I discussed the newly flowing cooler and then discussed how we can’t really drink water if it’s not the right temperature. Also how we always buy really big water bottles and never really get through more than 3 sips for the first day that we own said bottle.

I can’t believe it.


6 thoughts on “The water cooler

  1. Warm water is the absolute worst. I can’t stand it.

    If I’m ever stranded in the desert and I only have a little water left in my canteen (I hope it’s a camouflage one because that would be cool) I will die before drinking that warm-ass water.

  2. Matt: I know right? Can you even IMAGINE my disappointment. I was going to write it in my baby book, but not for something useless like water temperature. Lame.

    Apollo: Maybe I’ll buy you a camouflage THERMOS so then you never have to worry about the water staying cold. They work that way right? Hot stays hot and cold stays cold? I didn’t make that up, did I?

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