Two thumbs up

I was running massively late to work today so by the time I got on the subway (which didn’t pull into the station until 15 minutes after I’d arrived, thus adding to my lateness) I was in quite a mood. This was only aided by the fat guy who elbowed me in the back of my head and then fell on me….then helped again by the OTHER fat guy who almost sat on me. By the time I got off the train (and was shoved by a fat woman rushing to go in the exact same direction as everyone else but who still felt the need to trample me in the process*) I was NOT a happy camper.

I was fighting to keep the scowl off of my face by the time I reached the construction site that I walk through every day on my way to the office. Then one of the guys smiled and said hello. That little extra step of friendliness in a city that seemed otherwise bent on crushing me this morning (quite literally people! I am NOT exaggerating about how close this man’s ginormous ass came to my tiny little lap!) So I put a smile on my face and kept walking. Then another guy said hi and another smiled and when I finally came out of the zone the guys holding the clipboards were smiling and saying hello.

And then, just as they thought as I was out of earshot I heard, “Oh yeah, that’s two thumbs up.”

When I turned back to look at them they were definitely still looking at me. And you know, some women might have been offended to be “objectified” or some crap like that. Me? Not so much. I’m glad that in the middle of my bad mood, I could get 2 thumbs up.

Wanna know something else? My bad mood completely disappeared with that. So thanks, construction worker guys. I give you two thumbs up too.

*Note-I’m not anti fat people. I’m anti fat people who disregard the effect their weight has on those around them (aka when they sit on me).


7 thoughts on “Two thumbs up

  1. No doubt there were Olympic style scores on the back of the clip boards, you should have turned a bit sooner… 8.5, 9.2, 10, 10. Real construction guys don’t have real clip boards.

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