My boyfriend thinks Wee Man is attractive as far as midgets go (and other gems of pop culture ponderings)

Last night I needed to kill the hour between the Top Model rerun and the Top Chef finale. I talked to Boo for the first 30 minutes while also watching Farmer Wants a Wife on mute. Then, at 9:30 something very interesting happened: my roommate informed me that Celebrity Circus was starting.

Celebrity Circus? With a name like that, how was I not supposed to watch? Boo and I stayed on the phone and rated some of the acts ourselves. Then Wee Man came on and Boo said something that (had he been a certain ex of mine whose love of Norah Jones, ambient vs. smell-quenching candles and poetry concerned me, I would have been worried, but since Boo is manly I was okay) shocked me.

Wee Man is pretty attractive for a midget. I mean really, he’s not bad.

I agreed with him too. Wee Man is actually easy on the eyes.

Point of this? I have a bunch of other pop culture related thoughts that I need to give a home too but that don’t necessarily require their own post. Here you go:

1) Can someone please explain The Naked Brothers Band to me? I’m minding my own business, watching a little Home Improvement and these stupid Naked Brothers commercials come on. Excuse me, little unclothed pre-teens, you can’t have lines in a show about how you are in love with someone–you are 12. You don’t know “love” except in the context of Xbox and sugar, okay?

2) My last Nickelodeon-related thought. Family Matters is coming to Nick @ Night. I remember when Nick @ Night used to be I Love Lucy and I Dream of Jeanie. I also remember when Family Matters was part of TGIF. I feel old.

3) I know the rumors are gaining speed, but let me state for the record that I have thought for months now that George Clooney is gay. I’m calling it right now. Dreamy stud who never really keeps a girlfriend for very long? Come on now, we all knew guys like this in high school and now they are all dating other guys. Not that there’s anything wrong with that (and I apologize for the blatant Seinfeld-ism). I’m just calling it.

3) When did Shia LeBeouf become so GQ? Doesn’t anyone else remember him from his Even Stevens days? And suddenly he’s hanging with robots and Harrison Ford and being all good looking and stuff. What’s up?

4) Leave well enough alone people. It’s bad enough Barbie is kind of slutty now that she’s single again but leave Strawberry Shortcake alone, okay? If freckles and curly hair was good enough for me, it’s good enough for kids today. You know, America, if you would stop slutting up toys, then there wouldn’t be such widespread oral sex in middle school bathrooms. Just saying. Don’t buy them the cake then yell at them for eating it. And I don’t care if the article says that the toys are still nostalgic and not sexual…when you revamp these little girls’ toys, you reVAMP the girls (okay, I really did say that…)

5) Thank God Top Chef didn’t screw things up and pick Lisa as Top Chef. She sucked for the whole season. Granted, I was a Richard Blaise fan, but I’m pretty happy that Stephanie won. Plus, I feel like Richard could take home Fan Favorite, and I’d be cool with that.

And that is all. For now anyway….


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