Summer just got a little brighter

Last night’s season finale of LOST not only blew my mind (which is a weekly occurrence on that show) but it left me a little sad too. The last of my favorite shows ended. Okay, not the last, I did forget about Top Chef but Padma and company are getting on my nerves this season. Either way….

I’ve been bumming hard about my lack of good summer programming. What am I supposed to watch when I come home from work and want nothing more than to to drink a margarita on the couch in my pajamas? Well I’ll tell you.


I can’t wait for this show. Has anyone else seen the previews? It’s the American Most Extreme Elimination Challenge. How could this show not be amazing?! Sure, I’ll miss the ridiculous over-dubbing but they do promise some oddball announcers so I should be okay.

I like that ABC is billing the show as “a painfully funny new reality series” when it’s clearly not but it doesn’t even bother me. If you put fat people in puffy vests and ask them to bounce from one giant red rubber ball to another, I’m going to be happy.


2 thoughts on “Summer just got a little brighter

  1. I suggest Ninja Warrior or Unbeatable Banzuke, both on the G4 Network, both a step up in class from Most Extreme Elimination Challenge.

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