Run, Papa Lohan, run…

Momma B is in town for the week and I picked her up at her hotel after work for a night of take out and Top Chef. While walking to the 6 train, we passed The Peninsula and saw a huge crowd hanging out in front, including about 5 guys with some pretty hefty looking cameras.

We stopped and asked a woman what was going on. “Oh, some actor or something,” she said, so we decided to stick around. One or two more paparazzi showed up including a few with video cameras. After a few minutes of black Escalades rolling down the road and stirring things up, our star finally arrived.

Michael Lohan.

Michael Lohan? Seriously paps? You guys are waiting for Michael Lohan? I apparently spend a good bit of time surfing the gossip sites because I was one of the few the only person to recognize him. I wanted a little confirmation so I asked a guy with more than a Canon Elph in his hands. “Oh, Dennis Hopper.” LIAR! With an aunt in LA, I know the secret is to never tell who it actually is, so I rested easy in my knowledge of G-List “celebrities.”

After a few more minutes a blond with sunglasses walked out of the hotel and everyone started whispering that it was Dina Lohan. Clearly we were surrounded by a bunch of clowns who’ve never watched E!

The crowd had simmered down a bit but a few more photogs showed up to capture the moment, though I’m still not sure why. Then, in a complete sneak attack move, Papa Lo shot out of the hotel like a rocket and sprinted down 5th avenue in one of the weirdest avoidance maneuvers I’ve ever seen. I did my best as a blogger (and celebustalker) to catch the moment on film, but damn can Michael Lohan run. Well sure, who could blame him living in that house?

But for your viewing pleasure nonetheless…

That little grey blob is the videographer chasing Michael’s “should have been a sprinter” ass down 5th avenue. The 2 black cars with the tinted windows were the decoys to the car he must have had waiting for him.

Otherwise he thought it was a nice night to take a run in a faded polo shirt and jeans…


3 thoughts on “Run, Papa Lohan, run…

  1. Are you shitting me? Decoys, camera’s, sprinting…all of this for who?

    I will never understand some things. I accept it.

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