Americans: fatter and lazier by the glass

Despite the fact that this week is really only a 3.5 day work week, I was still dragging this afternoon. To remedy the situation I headed to Starbucks for what was essentially a grossly overpriced iced tea. I don’t particularly care because that is what gift cards are for (thanks Michael).

While I was waiting, the girl behind me got her drink (because I got the new guy and the concept of green vs. black tea just blew his mind) and sat down. She got up again a sip or 2 later and what she said made me die a little inside.

Girl: Excuse me, I ordered this sweetened and it’s not. Is there anything you can do about it now?

Literally, I just died a little inside all over again typing that. It was the most painful thing I’ve ever heard anyone ask. Girly, you got an iced tea. If it needs to be sweetened, there is an entire rack of sugars behind you, from Sweet N Low to Equal to Splenda to real sugar. How are you even asking this question?!

I had to bite my tongue to keep from turning to her, asking her if she really was the stupidest person alive or if she had a sister who might possibly muster more stupidity than she just did. And to be honest, if she hadn’t been 3 times my size, I might have gone for it.

Welcome to America ladies and gentlemen…we really are getting fatter and lazier by the glass.


6 thoughts on “Americans: fatter and lazier by the glass

  1. Okay, not to defend her, but…

    Living in the south has taught me many things, including “sweet tea.” Down here, you don’t order iced tea – it’s sweet tea or unsweet tea.

    Aside from my full-time journalist job, I’m a waitress – you know, ’cause journalists really roll in the dough – and if you give someone unsweet, they tell you and ask for a sweet tea instead. The sugar we use to sweeten the tea really is no different than the regular sugar packets on the table, but southerners must think so. ::Shrugs::

  2. mindy: yeah, fair point. but there was no trace of southern accent so i have no idea what her deal was.

    apollo: i will call man. and no, unless they think you are a butthead. actually i really hate fat heads. i knew a kid in high school with an absurdly large head and he annoyed me so much (mostly b/c of the head) that every time i saw him i wanted to slam it off of his neck with a hockey stick. is that bad?

  3. “Welcome to America ladies and gentlemen…we really are getting fatter and lazier by the glass.”

    …or more mid-western. Probably the same thing.

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