Prediction: Grey’s Anatomy

I have been an avid Grey’s fan since Season 1. In college, my girlfriends and I would wait patiently for Sunday night (and you know, I kind of miss its old time slot), grab a box of tissues (because there was always something to cry about) and get ready for a night of romance, drama and occasionally some icky medical procedures.

This being said, I was obviously excited for last night’s season finale and it did not disappoint. But after the show was over and I was getting ready for bed, still all stupid-happy that Derek and Meredith will be able to go on being the “stuff of legends” something terrible occurred to me.

So here it is, right now, I am making a prediction for next season: ROSE WILL BE PREGNANT!

Think about it. It was such a big deal that Rose didn’t need to fill out the form saying who she’d slept with in the hospital–but then grabbed one towards the end of the episode. It’s been a constant theme that Derek only wants something “fun” and “uncomplicated.” And–this is what clinched it for me–he said he needed to speak with Rose to have a “clear conscience” before he did anything more than kiss Meredith.

Rose will be pregnant.

It’s the best complication for those two crazy kids who just can’t seem to get it right. And while it does ring a little Ugly Betty-esque, I am definitely betting that poor, newly-fixed and and unbroken Meredith is going to have to fight to get McDreamy away from his baby-daddy duties.

I suddenly can’t wait for fall.


One thought on “Prediction: Grey’s Anatomy

  1. Okay, it is “a little Ugly Betty-esque” and considering they run together on Thursdays, I’m a bit on the fence about your prediction.

    However, that thought never crossed my mind and I feel stupid for not thinking it myself. Do I think the tumor girl who had sex for the first time with the now-dead tumor boy will end up preggers? Very much so. But I never thought about Rose, and that’s a logical idea and means of yet again keeping Derek and Meredith apart…

    Hm, can you tell I also watch? At my apartment in State, we’d watch it on Thursdays then run to the bus stop to catch the 10:01 p.m. bus downtown ((lived at State College Park)) to hit the bars. Ha.

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