That’s it Top Chef, it’s time we had a little chat

I would like to start this post off by saying that I am obsessed with Top Chef. I think it’s probably the best show on television and thanks to Bravo’s love of marathons, I can watch it back to back to back on most days of the week.

That being said I am MAD at Top Chef this season. The judges are getting on my nerves. Oh, sure, I love me some Tom and Padma, but their choices this season have left me shouting at the TV, every week at 10:57(ish).

My anger at their eliminations finally boiled over last night (did you like my cooking terms there?). How could you send Dale home? He’s a MUCH better chef than Spike and Lisa. Not to mention that Spike and Lisa have been in the bottom nearly every week of the show. I don’t know how they are still here. Poor Dale only got sent home because he was the executive chef on last night’s challenge.

I am convinced that Lisa is the devil. She broke the rules in the improv challenge (sorry girl, chorizo is not Polish sausage) but then pointed out that Andrew should be sent home in the boxed lunch challenge for not following the rules. Hm, really Lisa? She’s a crappy chef and an ugly person, inside and out. Week after week she is up for elimination (because she can’t cook) and week after week they realize that she can’t cook nor can she take criticism, yet she stays.

And here is where my beef with the judges sets in: I think they are keeping her and Spike (equally unskilled in the kitchen) around because they provide good conflict. Every storyline needs to have a villain, every competition needs to have someone to root for to win, and someone to root for to lose. Richard, Stephanie, Antonia and Dale (before he was the saddest guy ever and broke my heart when he said his goodbyes) were the good guys. Spike and Lisa are the bad guys. But I cannot get down with the judges keeping them around for the sake of good television–especially not in a competition about good food.

I’m Italian. I take my food seriously.


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