RCN, why do you hate me?

I am currently fighting with my cable company. I don’t know if they know it, but I know it and they’re totally gonna know it soon. Why the fight though? For the past few weeks we’ve had some serious internet trouble. Tech-savvy Boo has talked me through a router reboot a few times to no avail. I’ve messed with the modem too but I get no results. I’m particularly annoyed at the moment for 2 reasons:

1) I have been trying (at the suggestion of some particularly wise readers) to watch online episodes of the shows I miss b/c of programming overlap. This is exceedingly difficult w/o internet.

2) I have a post just waiting to be written/uploaded about my afternoon in the park that I am dying to get online. I realize it doesn’t sound very interesting but when you see the pictures of the mass inappropriateness, you’ll be glad I planned to write it.

So guess what, RCN? It’s on.


4 thoughts on “RCN, why do you hate me?

  1. I hate Time Warner with a passion, so maybe you and I could launch a full-out attack on all cable companies serving the 5 boroughs? I mean, if you can stomach the intense battle that will ensue.

    And don’t worry, I know Steven Seagal pretty well and he taught me some moves, so we’ll be fine.

  2. So, to make our battle even easier, turns out RCN has offices in my building. Which I feel like I made a mental note of at some point in case I ever had a problem with them. Which of course I forgot by the time I did have a problem with them…

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