Seasonally irrelevant (but parenthetically enhanced)

Last night I had a dream that I was taking part in a particularly brutal snowball fight with people I’ve known since elementary school (but haven’t seen since graduation). The intrusion of people I’m not currently in contact with into my dream psyche kind of bugged me but I’ll let that slide b/c sometimes it’s fun to see these people in dreams. It’s usually the only time I will see them so why not indulge in a little midnight nostalgia? It’s easier than actually getting back in touch with people. (Wow, I just made myself sound both lazy and cruel…that’s awkward for me, isn’t it?)

The weird thing about this dream was the snowball fight. It’s not snowball weather outside (despite the fact that some New Yorkers still insist on wearing their down jackets and wool coats–it is NOT that cold people!!) nor is it particularly chilly in my bedroom (though my new non-Hawaiian Breeze fan is the poo!) so I have no idea where this snow came from (hm, that was a really long sentence with a lot of interjections and I’m willing to bet that I could have probably split it up, huh?).

The girl in my dream kept getting pretty pissed off about the fact that I was killing her with these snowballs. I was throwing curve balls and everything and there was no way she could block them. That is the best thing about snowball fights in a dream–you can miss someone and the snowball will magically circle back, boomerang style, and nail them in the back. It’s AWESOME! But this dream opponent didn’t seem to think so and she was piiissed (despite, of course, the fact that she got in a few good hits on me first).

That got me thinking though (once I woke up of course, I don’t tend to ponder too much in my sleep): what is it about snowball fights that makes people so amazingly angry? I mean, winter annoys people for a variety of reasons: it’s cold, it gets dark early, you have to drive in the snow, you didn’t get a snow day. Snowball fights never make that list but they really upset people.

I guess it’s natural to be less than thrilled about being drilled in the back with compacted frozen water but it’s not like you’re hurling ice chunks at people (though an accidental chunk of ice in a snowball caused a fairly memorable childhood fight in my neighborhood). Snowball fights are supposed to be innocent and silly and yet they somehow always end up pissing off all parties involved.

Just something to think about, you know…now that’s it’s May.


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