Cooking w/colleages…

I know you were all secretly hoping for a recap of Farmer Wants a Wife but sorry to disappoint. In fact, I don’t even know if Farmer was on last night because I was cooking w/my colleagues. That’s right kids. We went to a culinary school for one of those “cook the dinner you eat” events. How’d it go? The camaraderie was good. The food was good. My culinary skills, well, apparently they were lacking.

Each table got paired with a chef. Our chef was scary. She yelled at each of us each time she walked by. When it was finally time to head to the stove she made me stir, despite my protests. I’m not scared of the stove. I cook frequently–every night in fact–and on the weekends Boo and I get fancy w/food. But it didn’t occur to her (or to me) that jewelry might not be a good call and that not everyone would know that. The result?

You’ll notice that the burn marks match the bracelet’s pattern. Yeah…apparently steam can heat metal up REAL fast.


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