What is your problem, Shoe?

I have a question for my shoes. Specifically my shoelaces.

Why, shoelaces, do you insist on untying yourselves while I’m sitting at my desk?

Has anyone else noticed this bizarre shoelace phenomenon? I can understand my shoelaces coming untied after I’ve been walking all over the city, but when I’ve spent the last 6 hours sitting at a desk, how is it possible for my shoe to come untied? I am double-knotter too. This shouldn’t happen. And yet every so often when I stand up and start walking I realize that my shoe is no longer tied and I am slipping out of my shoes for no apparent reason. My feet aren’t moving during the day except for the occasional trip to the kitchen or bathroom or perhaps a toe-tapping to the radio, but this movement shouldn’t be enough to jiggle my laces out of their double knot, should it?

The best I can come up with for this is that there must be some sort of mystical shoelace goblin who’s sole purpose in life is to go around to unsuspecting desk-dwellers and undo their laces. Anybody else got anything better?


2 thoughts on “What is your problem, Shoe?

  1. It’s probably due to today’s slippery synthetic shoelaces. You should really learn one of the many secure knots, such as “Ian’s Secure Shoelace Knot”, which stays secure yet can be easily untied when needed. They certainly beat double-knotting, which you need to pick apart at the end of the day.

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