I should hate myself for this but…

…I can’t. Oh sure, I judge the hell out of myself for this, but I can’t hate it. I am going to admit something.

I am absolutely in love with Farmer Wants A Wife.

Are you all done laughing yet? No? Fine, I’ll wait.

Okay, I don’t have all day here so I’m just moving on. I am in love with the show. It’s the best thing I’ve seen in quite awhile. The premise, for those who aren’t avid CW fans, is that Matt (the farmer) wants a wife and will have his pick of some city girls.

Each week the girls will take part in activities that exemplify farm and/or small town life. The first week Matt took the girls on a hay ride where he asked one girl if she really thought she was ready to be a farmer’s wife. The stiletto-clad young lady replied that she was “just weighing her options.” Matt raised his eyebrows and when it was time for elimination she was the one girl not to find an egg under her chicken. Yes, you read that right. The elimination was finding an egg under a chicken. Last night’s episode involved cleaning some pigs off for a neighbor and then playing bingo with some of the locals. The loser was the only girl not to get bingo.

Tell me how I am supposed to not love this show? Matt is totally precious. An innocent “little guy” (to quote of the city gals), Matt is charming and bashful and you almost believe that he actually lives in this town.

And if that wasn’t enough, they’ve composed one of the best TV theme songs I’ve heard in years.

That’s it. My dark secret. Go ahead and judge me but watch it next week and tell me if you don’t agree.

I’m going to leave you with last night’s crowning line from the girl who got sent home, in case you need just a little more encouragement to watch (keep in mind this is a show about a farmer….):

That son of a bitch wants us to milk a goat?!


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