Fun fact

Twizzlers are a natural laxative.

Most of you are probably thinking that this is not a fun fact. You are wrong.

The first time that I learned this fun fact was Valentine’s Day of my senior year of high school. Very romantic, I know, but you can’t plan where you’ll be when you hear things like this. It all came about because of a giant, Sam’s Club tub of Twizzlers that had permanent residency on the coffee table in my basement. In addition to enjoying the candy, my friends had a good time throwing the wrappers at one another. So on February 14th, as my good friend Matty and I celebrated the holiday platonically, he dropped the lax bomb. You never forget hearing something like that so I stored that tid bit away and think about it often. It came up again this Valentine’s Day. I wasn’t w/Matty nor was I eating Twizzlers but somehow the opening to spread that fun fact was there and I took it.

Why am I bringing this up now? We have Twizzlers on the island in our office and everyone who stops by and sees them immediately responds with “ooh! Twizzlers!” and proceeds to munch–myself included.

But with every excited reaction to the licorice treat all I can think is: Twizzlers are a natural laxative.


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