Oddities of the new office

My company has moved floors. You may have read that somewhere. I have, however, noticed some oddities about the floor since we got here.

The first thing to freak me out a little was the bathrooms. These stalls were not designed for anyone too much larger than myself. The doors have that awkward swing radius that leaves 1/2″ b/w the end of the door and the beginning of the toilet seat. This makes them a tight squeeze to get into (especially if you have a purse w/you) and a claustrophobic place to sit. Thankfully, I’m never in there for longer than 45 seconds, but still. It’s the principle.

Second weird feature of the offices is in the kitchen. Rather than have normal kitchen counter tops, we have those weird, black middle school science classroom table tops. You know the ones that half absorb water so if you try to dry them they just leave a swipe impression in the wake of whatever you just swiped with. I’m having bizarre flashbacks to disecting frogs, and let me just tell you that it is less than appetizing while I’m prepping my lunch.

But all things considered, I can’t complain. I mean, just think about my view.


4 thoughts on “Oddities of the new office

  1. I feel this is worth noting…

    upon further inspection: the stall doors ARE too close to the toilets. so close in fact, that in one stall the door’s swing doesn’t even clear the toilet seat. ALSO the door to the bathroom itself swings in: this has proved disastrous as the garbage can is next to the door and people who pause to toss their paper towels get slammed in the face.

  2. You know, I would, but we just got our pool table in and I feel that cancels out the stall doors.

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