Lightning CAN strike twice

While doing some work yesterday, I managed to give myself not one, but two paper cuts. Back to back. First one finger, then the other. And of course I did this while I was on a call so I could only curse silently in my head. I could only mouth the obscenities that I wished I could shout at the top of my lungs, because, let’s face it, that’s what tends to happen when you get a paper cut.

I went home and only exacerbated the situation by making fresh guacamole and squeezing lime juice into it. And then worse still by squishing those limes into my Corona.

So, today, we’re packing up the office for our big move. And then, while trying to Tetris-fit some of my boss’ things into the crate, I managed to get yet another paper cut. CORRECTION. I GOT THE SAME PAPER CUT I’D ALREADY GOTTEN THE DAY BEFORE! Seriously. There is no way that should be possible. But I managed to slice my finger across another sheet of paper in the exact same spot. No, I did not reopen the existing cut. This was a distinct second cut. The first cut is now twice as wide.

Lightning can strike twice and you definitely slice the living hell out of your finger 2 days in a row. Bummer.


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